Ms Janjua’s Group – Week 1

Hi Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. It is unfortunate that we have had to expierence another Lock down and are unable to attend school. But we are Broad Heather’s who are resilient and determined to do well in life. We will soldier on and continue our learning from home. I know it is difficult but please continue with your learning, respond to all Blogs and ask for help.

The following children who work with me please complete the work I set for you. This will be done everyday except a Friday. There will be one daily blog which will have English and Maths set for you. I would like you to complete the work in your homework book and upload it to the link below. Please could you comment on this blog to say you have completed it. All work MUST be completed and I will be checking.

The following children are to complete the appropriate work depending on which group you are in.

English Group 

Scarlett   Hafsa     Hannah    Reyan M    Sabrin   Saifullah   Sarina    Samantha    Hasnain    Paris   Aaron   Rifath  

Maths group  

Sabrin    Sarina   Saskia   Riqbah   Hafsa   Scarlett    Ryan   Hannah   Paris    Hasnain    Adela   Keira 

Maths: We will be looking at Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers and how to convert them. Please read the learning below and have a go at these questions.

What are improper fractions and mixed numbers?

A mixed number is made up of a whole number and a fraction. For example:

An improper fraction is one that is ‘top-heavy’ so the numerator is bigger than the denominator. For example: 

The relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions can be best explained through the diagram above. These two shapes have been cut into four pieces. We can either express the amount of the shape we have as a mixed number: (1 3/4) or as an improper fraction (7/4)

We need to see the equivalence between mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In the diagram above 8/3 is equivalent to 2 2/3.

In the diagram above 10/3 is equivalent to 3 1/3.

Converting improper fractions into mixed numbers

What is 16/5 as a mixed number?

  • Divide the numerator by the denominator (16 ÷ 5 = 3 R 1).
  • Your answer is the whole number and your remainder becomes the numerator of the fraction next to the whole number, so your answer is 3 1/5.

Converting mixed numbers into improper fractions

What is 2 7/8 as an improper fraction?

  • Multiply the whole number by the denominator (2 x 8 = 16) and then add the numerator (16 + 7 = 23).
  • This answer becomes the numerator; the denominator stays the same: 23/8.

English: We are reading the book called A Monster Calls. I would like you to think about the following questions and answer them.

  1. PLOT: What has happened so far? Whats building up? Who has been introduced in the story so far?
  2. Character & relationships: What has been shown and suggested about these?
  3. Find me a quote that suggests something about a character?
  4. Draw a picture of the monster and label it using variety of powerful adjectives and phrases. Use a whole page of your book.

All work should be in by Sunday and I will give feed back next Friday.


  1. Task 1
    1) the answer I got was 3/3 4
    2) the answer I got was 2 5/6
    3) the answer I got was 7 1/3
    4) the answer I got was 3 4/5
    5) the answer I got was 3 1/1
    6) the answer I got was 5 1/5
    7) this one I need help on.
    8) the answer I got was 3 5/8
    Task 2 : Maths
    1) the answer I got was 11/5
    2) the answer I got was 25/4
    3) the answer I got was 17/8
    4) the answer I got was 19/2
    5) the answer I got was 23/5
    6) the answer I got was 28/4
    7) the answer I got was 29/6
    8) the last one / this one I need help on.

    • Morning Samantha, I have checked your English work, well done. some. great adjectives to describe the monster. Can you choose 2 of them and write them in a sentence please. Also, have a go at the maths work.

  2. Convert the improper fractions into
    mixed numbers

    1) the answer is 3 3/4
    2) the answer is 2 5/6
    3) the answer is 6 1/2
    4) the answer is 3 4/5
    5) the answer is I need help on this
    6) the answer is 5 1/5
    7) the answer is 5 1/7
    8) the answer is 3 4/8

    Convert these mixed numbers into improper fraction

    1) the answer is 11/3
    2) the answer is 25/4
    3) the answer is 17/7
    4) the answer is 19/2
    5) the answer is 23/4
    6) the answer is 28/4
    7) the answer is 29/6
    8) the answer is 8/3

    Ms janjua I have done it in my book too with the working outs in bug number 5 I didn’t get it because it didn’t have a remainder in it

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