Ms Janjua’s – Intervention Group

Hi Year 5, I hope you are well. I would like to start by saying welcome to a new academic year full of learning, hope and gaining. I am looking forward to teaching you and having fun.
This week in English we started our new topic about Recounts. You learned about the features of a report and why they are important. In Maths you have started to learn about Place Value and rounding. This was tricky but you showed resilience and worked hard in each lesson.

I am really proud of all your efforts this week so please keep it up.
Take a look at your work and let me know how you felt and how can I help you further?

Thank you to a super start.

4 thoughts on “Ms Janjua’s – Intervention Group

  1. I need help only on Speaking in English properly and felt free with a lot of air for me maths is very easy and reading is quite hard, English is not too hard its just a bit harder.

  2. I will like help with Math and I felt happy and brave because I learned place value and English I have learned about UFOs and why did the alien come in broad heath?

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