Ms Janjua’s Intervention Group – An Adventure Story

Today, we read the story of ‘The Road to El Dorado and created a story map. We then read the story from out story map. We also, used Talk 4 writing to finish learning the language of an adventure story. We came up with actions for each part of the story and then used drama to act it out. We enjoyed watching Ms Janjua act it out with Israa. Israa was fantastic.

Take a look at our work.

What skills did you learn from this activity?

How can you improve for next time?

7 thoughts on “Ms Janjua’s Intervention Group – An Adventure Story

  1. Good morning Mrs Frankish. We would like to say thank you very much for watching our videos. We are learning a lot in this group. We had lots of fun acting and speaking. From Ms Janjua’s group.

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