Music Week in RW

RW are lucky, lucky, lucky! Our values this week were: Teamwork and Imagination. The children have had so much fun learning about a famous songwriter called, Pete Waterman. Did you know he was born in Coventry?!

The children in RW focussed on a very famous song, ‘I Should Be So Lucky,’ sung by Kylie Minogue.

The children even made their very own music video! How great is that!? Take a look at the collages and videos below 🎵

The children in RW are so lucky! Mr Inman taught them lots about music! It was so much fun 😁

What a great week! What did you enjoy most?

9 thoughts on “Music Week in RW

  1. Havin enjoyed the music class and has been going on about kylie minogue for a week and listen to ‘lucky’ at home she also enjoyed the trip outside of the school

  2. Ilyas said he enjoyed playing outside for the music video and making the instruments. He was super happy on well-being day to stay in his PE kit all day!! 🤣

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