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Music & Science Week – What is sound? (08.02.21)

Hello my Reception Superstars

Today we will be investigating what is sound and identifying different sounds in the environment and the different sounds that our body makes. You will need to make a video of your learning and upload via the link below.

You are expected to make a video of your learning for the challenges above and upload via the link below.

Send videos of your sound walk and the different sounds that we can make with our bodies by clicking on the science link below and leave a comment to say that you have completed your learning.

Science Upload – Click Here

87 responses to “Music & Science Week – What is sound? (08.02.21)”

  1. Maryam I.

    Washi g machine makes Lound sound
    Oven make low sound when rurn on
    Fridge left open for long make sound

  2. Saalihah H.

    The washing machine makes a shooshing noise when it goes round and round.

    The oven makes a ping when the food is done.

    The spoon drawer makes a loud banging noise when i close it very hardly.

    The chair makes a creaking noise when i sit on it or when i shake it.

  3. Evie T.

    Evie has created a fun video showing everyone our kitchen and what things make noises

    Evie has uploaded the video

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Well done😊, what made a loud sound and what made a quiet sound?

  4. Freya S.

    Freya making sounds on different floor samples I gave her tap tap
    She can hear the washing machine make whoooosh

    Can hear TV

    Her sister coming down stairs stomp stomp and she acted it own

    Her sister chewing crunch crunch

  5. Hannah B.

    Hannah did the silver challenge we have sent a video

  6. Sulaiman A.

    Sulaiman went on a technology hunt and he found different things in his house.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Sulaiman I loved looking at your pictures of finding lots of different technology that makes sound.

      Which item made the loudest sound?

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