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Music & Science Week – What is sound? (08.02.21)

Hello my Reception Superstars

Today we will be investigating what is sound and identifying different sounds in the environment and the different sounds that our body makes. You will need to make a video of your learning and upload via the link below.

You are expected to make a video of your learning for the challenges above and upload via the link below.

Send videos of your sound walk and the different sounds that we can make with our bodies by clicking on the science link below and leave a comment to say that you have completed your learning.

Science Upload – Click Here

87 responses to “Music & Science Week – What is sound? (08.02.21)”

  1. Kayla P.

    Kayla has completed the silver challenge and her videos have been uploaded.

    For the gold challenge at home she found the following that makes sound:

    Washing machine
    Hair Dryer
    Door bell

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Kayla you have been busy making different sounds with your body. My favourite was when you went ‘Shh’.

      I also liked how you stomped your feet. Can you stomp fast and then slow?

      Super Star!

  2. Mirr A.

    Tv sound

    1. Mrs Shergill (RW)

      Well done Mirr. You have found loads of things in your house that makes a sound. What sound does the phone make?

    2. Mrs Dahil

      Mirr you identified lot’s of different sounds on your sound walk.

      Can you send a video of your learning I would love to see your sound walk and what you found.

  3. Sarah B.

    Sarah can hear
    fish tank filter sound
    kettle sound
    TV sound
    microwave sound
    phone ringing sound

    1. Mrs Shergill (RW)

      Well done. You can hear lots of different things in your house. What sound did the fish tank make?

      1. Sarah B.


  4. Iqra F.

    Washing machine
    I can clap my hand
    Coin drop floor
    Knock the door
    kids playing

    1. Mrs Shergill (RW)

      Good work Iqra! You have found lots of objects that make a sound in your house. What kind of sound did the hailstones make?

  5. Arham S.

    I have uploaded my work.

    1. Mrs Shergill (RW)

      Good work Arham. You discovered lots of different sounds you could make with your body. Can you find any sounds in your house?

  6. Warizah I.

    Warizah did bronze challenge will upload video later

    1. Miss Tift

      Excellent Warizah! We look forward to seeing all the different sounds you found!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  7. Tala I.

    Tala can hear πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈ a lot of sounds in side the house 🏠 and out side.
    1- Tv πŸ“Ί
    2- Kettle
    3- Music 🎢
    4- A car 🚘
    5- Microwave
    6- Dad phone πŸ“²
    7- Flushing 🚽
    8- tap 🚰
    I upload the video.

    1. Miss Tift

      Well done Tala! We have received your video!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    2. Iqra S.

      iqra said sound is when you make a noise she heard
      snow talking
      foot steps
      mum and dad

      1. Miss Tift

        A fantastic description Iqra! Can you tell me a quiet sound?πŸ€”

  8. Huzaifa S.


    Huzaifa can make different sounds using his body. He can do clapping , snap fingers, tapping and stomping his feets. I have sent in the video.


    Huzaifa can hear the different sounds inside and outside the house.

    Inside he can hear:

    Washing machine
    Toilet flash

    Outside he can hears:

    Cars ( horn sound beep beep)
    Walking sound
    Knocking on the door
    Birds singing

    Huzaifa said he can hear Tv sounds the loudest and the walking sounds is the quietest.

    1. Miss Tift

      Excellent Huzaifa! You have looked at so many different sounds and have even identified loud and quiet sounds! Well done!😊⭐️ We look forward to receiving your video!

  9. Zakariyah A.

    Videos have been sent in

    1. Miss Tift

      We have received your videos Zakariyah! Well done you told us the sounds of lots of different objects!πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΌ

  10. Ella C.

    Ella has sent her videos

    1. Mrs Hameed

      What sounds did you hear Ella, what was the loudest sound?

  11. Aadyan W.

    Silver Challenge:
    Aadyan can make a clapping sound and can click his fingers.
    Aadyan can snap his teeth and make a blowing sound.
    Gold Challenge:
    Aadyan could hear the water bubbling in the kettle.
    Police car toy
    Washing machine
    Light switch
    Hair dryer

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Hello Aadyan, what was the loudest sound you heard and what was the quietest?

  12. Emraan A.

    Silver: I will his video.
    Gold: We went for hunting to find out what things make different sound and he found out that:
    Kettle make sound
    Freezer make sound
    Clock make sound
    TV make sound
    Toaster make sound
    People out side walking and cars making sound .

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Which sound was the loudest and what was the quietest Emraan?

      1. Emraan A.

        TV is the loudest
        And the freezer is the quickest.

        1. Mrs Hameed

          Well done Emraan but what was the quietest?

  13. Syed A.

    Aqsa can hear a lots of sounds in the home and out side home She’s said wall clock,
    Mom phone
    Air fryer
    Clap πŸ‘
    Car start some one
    Washing machine
    Ballon pop
    Coin drop floor
    Toilet 🚽
    Car Going
    Bin moving
    Some one is coming
    Knock the door
    Out side some people talkings
    Post man putting a letter

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Hello Syed what was the quietest sound, the coin dropping on the floor or the knock at the door?

      1. Syed A.

        She’s said quietest sound is the coin dropping on the floor.

        1. Mrs Hameed


  14. Shayan S.

    Shayan he can hear lots of sounds.
    Music sound coming from TV.
    Tap tap sound from tap.
    Tree sound swishing.
    Door sound bang.
    Baby crying.
    Cars on the road.
    Microwave sound.
    Jumping sound.
    Knocking the door.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Hello Shayan, what was the loudest sound baby crying or the microwave?😊

  15. Muhammad U.

    Bilal did the bronze activity and the sounds that he heard around the house are the following:
    Banging sound and bilal says its coming from downstairs and its deep low sound.
    Telephone ringing bilal says its coming from my grandads room and it makes high ring ring sound.
    Door lock sound bilal says its coming from the bathroom and it makes a click sound.
    What is a sound? Bilal says when you make a noise.
    Silver activity – created videos bilal talking about the sounds he can make using his body.
    Gold activity – bilal found around the house the following things:
    And i have sent a video.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Bilal, what was the loudest sound that you heard and what was the quietest?

  16. Oliver N.

    Hands: clap,click,
    Mouth: speak,kiss,whistle, blow, sing.
    Feet: jump,stump, kick,dance.
    Washing machine, door,TV,clock,radio

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Super effort to complete all the challenges.

      Which was the loudest sound that you found in your home and which sound was the quietest?

  17. Haseeb A.

    Haseeb can hear lots of sounds outside, the cars are running and people are talking
    when he is clapping with his hands
    when he stomps his feet

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Super sound work Haseeb.

      Now make a video showing me how you clap your hands and stomp your feet.

      Looking forward to receiving it.

  18. Aryan H.

    Aryan can hear:
    The loud TV sound.
    The doors opening and closing.
    Grandma on the phone.
    His cars.
    The washing machine
    The microwave .

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Well done Aryan you found lots of different sounds your home environment.

      Which sound was the loudest and which sound was the quietest?

  19. Maryum N.

    Maryum can hear alot of sounds in the house.
    She can hear the tv on
    Fridge making a noise
    Washing machine
    Clock ticking
    Kettle making a noise
    Outside Maryum can hear cars going past. People in street walking.
    Maryum said can make a noise by clapping her hands and feet.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Hello Maryam, what was the loudest sound you heard?😊

      1. Maryum N.

        Maryum said the washing machine lol

  20. Jasmine P.

    Jasmine can hear many noises at home
    She said grill
    Running water
    Electric fan
    Washing machine
    Jasmine done gold challenge as well I upload the video

    1. Mrs Hameed

      What was the loudest noise Jasmine that you heard?😊

      1. Jasmine P.

        She said loudest noise is grinder

  21. Dominik B.

    Dominik can
    Click his fingers
    Make a pop with his finger in his cheek
    Stamp his feet

    1. Dominik B.

      Dominik can hear
      The aquarium pumping water
      The fridge buzzing
      The microwave pinging and beeping
      The phone ringing

      1. Mrs Hameed

        Dominik what was the loudest noise, and which was the quietest?😊

    2. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Dominik!😊

      1. Dominik B.

        The loudest is the phone and the quietest is the fridge

        1. Mrs Hameed

          Well done Dominik!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  22. Bilaal K.

    Bilaal said he could hear
    The tap running
    The flush
    The heating
    The fish tank filter
    The humidifier
    The finches and canaries
    Bilaal can make
    Footstep sounds
    I can clap my hand
    Click sounds
    Rubbing sounds
    Sniffing sounds

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Bilal which sound was the loudest and which sound was the quietest?

  23. Dhonshan R.

    Dhonshan has completed his task.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      What sounds did you hear Dhonshan?

      1. Dhonshan R.

        Clapping sound

  24. Mustafa F.

    Me and Mustafa went round the house and also opened the window to hear for sounds, these are the sounds Mustafa heard:

    Washing machine
    Tap running water
    Father’s conference call (speaker sound)


    1. Mrs Hameed

      What was the loudest sound that you found in your home Mustafa?

      Can you make a video of other sounds that you can hear in your home?

    2. Mustafa F.

      He said the “washing machine”, it was on spin mode, so it was really loud. Thanks

      1. Mrs Hameed

        Yes my washing machine can be very loud sometimes.😊

  25. Mrs Hameed

    Looking forward to seeing some super work today!😊

  26. Adam O.

    Adam has completed the task and we have uploaded his videos.

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Well done Adam.

    2. Mrs Hameed

      What sounds did you hear?😊

    3. Mrs Hameed

      Well done what sounds did you hear? Which sound was noisy?

  27. Haris S.

    I hear man sounds outside of the house and inside the house like electronics sounds, and traffic sounds out of the house.
    I explored electronics around the house are:
    television, washing machine, fan. laptop, freezer, microwave, mobile phones, electric heater, dishwasher , dryer
    they all have different sounds.

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Super work Haris 😊

  28. Elgin A.

    Unable to upload the videos with above link.

    Elgin is able to clap and snap with hands and fingers. Sing and make various sounds with mouth. Feet stamping sounds.


    Robot toy

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Well done Elgin.

  29. Amelia R.

    What Amelia said she could hear outside. Birds, wind, cars and people talking.
    With my hands I can clap, and click with my fingers
    With my mouth I can talk, making popping sounds , shouting.
    With my feet I can stomp,

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Good girl Amelia.

  30. Murtaza A.

    Silver –
    I can make a clapping sound, clicking sound, patting sound with my hands.
    I can whistle sound and a pop sound with my mouth.
    I can make a stomp sound.

    Gold –
    Washing machine
    Gas cooker

    1. Mrs Jahangir


    2. Mrs Dahil

      Murtaza I look forward to seeing your video for the sound challenges.

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