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Mutual Respect

The haka is an important ritual for Māori people and is used by sports teams in New Zealand and other parts of the world. We saw them perform it when we had our rugby day in school and celebrated the World Cup.

What things do we do at Broad Heath that depict the word respect?

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  1. To show respect we do these following things:
    We help each other by having teamwork.
    Always be kind and caring.
    Follow instructions given by the teachers.
    Encouraging each other.
    Being co-operative.
    Showing resilience.

  2. The things that we do at Broad Heath to show respect are:
    .To treat other people the way you want to be treated .
    .To shake peoples hands and say good morning if its the morning or if its the afternoon say good afternoon.
    .Say please and thank you when given things .
    .Respecting other peoples believes and religion.
    .Look into other peoples eyes when speaken to.
    .To avoid inappropriate behavior.
    .To listen to the teachers and staff .
    . To be fair to other students and share.
    .Don’t talk over teachers .
    .Remember to smile .
    .Respect the teachers.

    • The things that we do at Broad Heath to show respect:
      We treat others and visitors the same way that we are treated
      We shake other people’s hands properly and say “Good Morning”
      Give good manners to every person that gives and does respect you
      We don’t be racist,swear,ext.but we give happiness and love.
      We support others by encouraging others and let them join in what ever you are doing or helping them.
      We work as a team at Broad Heath.

  3. At Broad Heath we do these things to show respect:
    * we gain
    * we be kind to everyone around us
    *we work as a team
    *we help each other
    *we show resilience
    *we respect everyone equally

  4. we give respect don’t matter what they are they on the team to help each other with differ things but if it hard never give up and be respectful to everybody it don’t matter about if they are youger then or older they are still respectful to to teart people how you wanted to be treated

  5. We care and share,listen to the teachers,we listen to everyone,follow the school rules,we all ways gain,try hard , be a good role model and help ingered people .

  6. We have to make people happy by helping, Respecting, and taking care of everything.
    Mutual respect is very important.
    Make sure to respect your elders.

  7. 2White have had another look at the haka. At Broad Heath, we don’t do the haka BUT we do shake hands to show respect. We smile at each other which is something small but means a lot. We respect each other by greeting people in the corridors for example ‘Good Morning’ or ‘How are you?’.

  8. 1 Blue thought about how we show respect at BH. Some of the children shared their own thoughts about this…
    At Broad Heath we listen to other people when they are talking to show respect – Sayda
    We listen to the teachers – Ayesha
    We are kind to each other and respect other peoples opinions – Hussein
    We use our manners to show respect – Marwah
    We work as a team to show respect – Muhammed K

  9. We care for things we respect visitors and people like are friends but you also need to respect other people no matter if there older or younger you still need to include them. Also we help and care to our activates and are equipment. If you respect and care you will get respect and care back

  10. Our school needs to be good citizens of the week and be very good and plight full in
    school and home.
    Our school is the best one and so fun.

  11. Our school needs to be good citizens of the week and be very good and plight full in
    school and home.
    Our school is the best one and so fun.

  12. Things we do at broad Heath to depict the world respect : we shake the teachers hand before we leave school, we listen carefully to the teacher whilst their teaching and we be kind and help one another .

  13. We represent respect by shaking our teachers hands at the end of the day. We also listen to our teachers when we are learning in the classroom. When we show respect we show it to everyone in the school and all of the children who are younger than me.

  14. We RESPECT one another (pupils/teachers).We’re kind and caring, we give and share. We’re polite, we say good morning/afternoon, we shake hands at the end of the say, or greeting someone.

  15. In assemblies we listen to other people’s ideas and opinions however we might differ from them but we still often remain silent and try to understand and respect each other’s ideas. That I believe is out of sheer respect.👍

  16. Even though we were in England and supported them on there opposition it was South Africa we didn’t criticise anything they did different to them.We also cheered them on to but we mostly cheered on England.So that shows what we do for RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We can respect people for their religion and faith. We can also respect everyone’s individuality. You could respect people’s skin colour.

  18. At BH we depict respect by being kind about skin colour and religion, we don’t break other people’s things and we don’t make fun of people which also can lead to fights if you do.

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