Mysterious Challenges Eight

Hi Year 6,

I hope you have had a good weekend. Here are your challenges for this week. Please have a go at most of the challenges.

Mission 1

In Literacy we watched a short animation of Alma.

Can you write a character description of Alma? Think about descriptive language and  what sort of person she is remembering how she feels. Make sure you remember your punctuation and use some powerful adjectives and phrases.



Mission 2

In Maths we started to look at Algebra and nth term.

1. What does Algebra mean?

2. What does nth term mean?

3. Can you solve these sums?

a   x – 5 = 10

b  What is the value of 5a + 2b when a = 2 and b = 6?

c   x + 5 = 12

d  What is the nth term of this sequence

5,  10,  15….. you enjoyed learning the mst

What is the 41st term and the 110th term?


Mission 3

In Science we have covered various topics,adaptation, evolution, selective breeding…..

Write a short summary of what you have learned and which topic has been your favourite. I would like you to write proper sentences and explain WHY.

Mission 4

In Topic we finished learning about Mountains. 

What did you enjoy about this topic and WHY? Explain using language associated with mountains.

What mountain would you like to climb and why?


Cluedo Clue

Finally your cludeo clue. Last week you said it was easy therefore I shall make it harder….

Where in the classroom would you find these. They are attractive and pleasant to the eye. They come out on special occasions……

With no further to do…… have fun…..


Ms Janjua







11 thoughts on “Mysterious Challenges Eight

  1. Mission 3:
    In science, I / we have learnt about evolution,adaption and selective breeding. I learnt about evolution and what it is,evolution is basically any process of formation or growth so it’s development. ( you can see an example on ‘Google’ it shows you how the evolution of monkeys happen)🐵🙈🐵🙈🙈🐒

    Also in science, I learnt about adaptation, adaptation is when you get use to something change to suit the environment. Example: If I was going to the beach for a week, I wouldn’t wear a woolly jumper and a big,warm tracksuit.I would need to dress in a proper way like a bathing suit, if I get hot and go in the sea. 🏊🏻🏖🏝

    Selective breeding.
    Selective breeding is when you cross breed to different animals of the same type.
    Example: When you cross breed a Dalmation and a golden retriever,you could get a dog with Dalmation spots and the same features of The Golden Retirever. 🐶🐺🐕🐾

  2. Mission 1:
    Alma is a lovely young girl with golden blond hair she is very curious about things and he is a desolated child.
    Mission 2:
    Algebra is a part of maths where letters stand for numbers.
    The nth term means an expression that wil allow you to calculate the term.
    5 times by 2=10 and 2 times by 6=12. 12+10=22
    205 and 550.

  3. Mission 1)
    Alma is a lovely person but I think that when she enters the abbonded shop she feels lonely and lost. I also think she felt confused because when her replica was moving places it might have got her thinking.
    Alma is kind because at the start of the animation she was skipping merlo and that made me think that she was kind and selfless.

    I can’t do mission two I’m in other maths class.

    I have learnt about evolution. Evolution is when something e.g a human changes over a long period of time like over 100,000 years. I have enjoyed learning about evolution because I learnt how we humans changed over a long period of time.

    Mission 4)
    I enjoyed learning about lots of things but mainly I enjoyed when we were reaserching about specfic types of mountains. I enjoyed it because I was learning about a mountain which I never knew about. I choose Mount Snowdon because I knew about amount Kilamanjaro and the Himalayas but I didn’t know about Mount Snowdon so I learnt new things. A fact about Mount Snowdon is that it’s 1,085 m tall and it’s also located in Wales.

  4. Kicking the snow , stood the multi-coloured clothed girl. She was singing a pleasant tune while skipping on the blanket of snow. The chilly air coiled round her slim body. Her turquoise eyes, got used to its surroundings.

    missions 3:
    In science, we have studied various topics like selective breeding, adaptation and evolution. My favourite has been learning about Charles Darwin’s Theory about evolution because it was fascinating learning about his life and how he convinced people that we evolved from apes.

    Missions 4:In topic, we have covered topics such as mountain safety, and locating major mountains on a atlas. I have enjoyed picking a specific mountain and researching it beacause it was intresting learning about death tolls on mountains , the exact height it is and the terrain because the death toll most of time is basically telling you how difficult it is to climb.

  5. Mission4:
    I enjoyed in topic I enjoyed learning about Edmund Hillary the person who climbed Mount Everest because it was so fascinating to see who climbed Mount Everest and it also teaches us never to give up.

  6. Mission 1:
    Once upon a time, there was a small petite child called Alma. The petite child was an adventurous attitude towards learning. She had blonde hair like goodie locks, with a blue dull cap. Every Christmas Eve, she would wear a pink, thick coat. She had cream gloves. She was a well behaved girl, who was always patient. She was quiet anti social.

    Mission 2:
    Algebra mean when you have a letter and a number together.The rules for algebra are if there’s a number and a letter, you times them. For example a=4 3a= 12.
    The ninth term is the 9th factor in a linear sequence. A linear sequence is a sequence which increases by the same number.
    1) x-10=15 15+10= 25

    2)5×2=10. 2×6= 12

    3)12-5=7 7+5=12

    4) The ninth term I’m the sequence is 45.
    41. 110
    x 5. x 5
    205. 550

    The 41th term in the linear sequence is 205. The 110th term is 550.

    Mission 3:
    In science I have enjoyed learning how selective breeding is formed. Selective breeding is formed when two animals with different characteristics breed and create a different animal with the same characteristics.

  7. MISSION 1.
    Alma is a filled with curiosity and is a isolated and companionless.She is also filled with passion and amazment. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  8. I think Alma is a couraging girl because she wanted to see the doll also she is an exciting girl because she goes into the doll shop. Another reason why Alma is an exciting girl because she touches the doll and becomes a doll.

  9. I liked learning about how mountains are formed in five main ways. The different types of mountains are fold mountains, volcanoe mountains, plateau mountains, fault block mountains and dome mountains. I liked learning about how mountains are formed because they describe the way they are formed.
    I would like to climb Mount Everest because it’s cold there and tricky to climb.

  10. Algebra is a type of maths, which includes the alphabet.
    The phrase nth term means what the pattern is going up in and finding the next number.
    X equals 5
    5a equals 10
    2b equals 12
    X equals 7
    The nth term is 550 and 205.

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