Mysterious Challenges Six

Hi Year 6,

I hope you have had a super weekend. As promised its Mission Impossible again. I would like everyone to have a go please. This helps consolidate your learning. So lets go……

Mission 1

In Literacy we have been learning about Prefixes and Suffixes.

  1. When do we use Prefixes?
  2. When do we use Suffixes?

Listed below are ten words. Decide whether to use Prefixes, Suffixes or both to create a new word

  1. Marine
  2. Comfortable
  3. Written
  4. Caution
  5. Break
  6. Home
  7. Clue
  8. Hope
  9. Avoid
  10. Grace

Mission 2

In Maths we have been learning about Ratio.

What is the meaning of Ratio?

When do we use Ratio?

  1. Can you solve this problem?    The ratio of a scale model to a real bridge is 1 to 50. The bridge is 425m long. How many bricks needed to make the bridge?
  2. A 750 ml bottle of concentrated orange squash is enough to make fifteen 250 ml glasses of diluted orange drink. How much water is needed to make 10 litres of this drink?
  3. Can you write these Fractions as Ratios.  4/5   3/4   11/15   7/12   8/5

Mission 3

In Science We have been learning about fossils and how animals adapt to their environment.

  1. What are Fossils?
  2. How are Fossils made?
  3. Where do you find Fossils?
  4. What is animal adaptation?
  5. Why are giraffes able to go for long periods without water?
  6. What is special about a giraffes heart?

Mission 4

In Topic we have continued to learn about different mountains and weather patterns.

  1. Why do mountains have snow on top?
  2. Which mountains grow into islands?
  3. What’s the difference between a mountain and a hill?
  4. Why do mountains affect weather and climate?

Finally your Cluedo Clue?????

You can open and close these. They are useful to store things in. I use them a lot?????

Have fun


Ms Janjua

21 thoughts on “Mysterious Challenges Six

  1. mission 1
    a prefix goes at the start of the word
    a suffix goes at the start of the word

    1. submarine
    2. uncomfortable
    3. writing
    4. catious
    5. breakable
    6. homeless
    7. clueless
    8. hopeless
    9. avoiding
    10. gracefull

    I think it is folder or a draw

  2. The word ratio means the quantative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within another. There are still other ways to make the same comparison by using equal ratio.

  3. We use a prefix at the start of a word because it changes the meaning of a word. We use a suffix and the end of a word. Most of these words are prefix and some are suffix.

  4. Mission 3.
    Fossils are the preserved remains of plants or animals.The most common method of how fossils formed is once an animal or plant dies, it falls to the ground, and is covered by sediment. This is often sediments brought from water.
    Fossils are typically found in sedimentary rock, almost all of which were originally deposited as sediments by moving water.
    An adaptation is a special skill which helps an animal to survive and do everything it needs to do.
    Giraffes have an extra-large heart to pump blood up their long necks to the brain. A giraffe’s heart is 2-3 times stronger than a human heart.

  5. Mission 1:
    prefix is a word at the start of the word. A suffix is at the end of the word.
    2. Uncomfortable
    4. Cautious ( have you seen any caution signs on wet floor)
    5. Breaktime
    6. Homesick
    7. Cluedo
    8. Hopeful
    9. Avoiding
    10. Gracefully

    Mission 4:
    1. Mountains have snow on top because it’s cold and windy up there.
    2. I think Fold mountains.
    3. Hills are easier to climb,mountains are steep, but mountains don’t have an obvious summit.
    4. The climate and weather are affected by the high altitude.

  6. Mission 1:
    We use a prefix at the beginning of a word to change its meaning.
    For example:If you start with the word happy you could add un to make the word unhappy so now you have added a prefix to the word happy(which is un) to make the word unhappy and you have also changed the meaning.
    We use suffix at the end of a to change its meaning.
    For example:If you start with the word prevent you could add able
    to the word to make the word preventable so now you have added a suffix to the word prevent (which is able) to make the word preventable and you have also changed the definition.
    sub and marine:submarine
    un and comfortable :uncomfortable
    un and written:unwritten
    pre and catious:precatious
    able and break:breakable
    less and home:homeless
    less and clue:clueless
    less and hope:hopeless
    able and avoid:avoidable
    ful and grace:graceful
    Mission 4:
    mountain have snow at the peak because the temprature at the peak of mountain is lower than at the bottom.
    Mauna loa is a a mountain which grows into island.
    Hill are easier to climb wheras mountains are hard to climb.Mountains are very steep and high however a hill is less steep and smaller.
    If it is raining mountain receive more rainfall because the temprature on top of mountain is lower than the temprature at sea level and when the air reaches the mountain it rises because the mountain are in its way.

  7. Mission 1
    We use prefixes at the start of a word and suffixes at the end of the word.

    Mission 4
    Mountains only have snow when the mountain get higher. Mt. Everest has a lot of snow because it is the highest mountain in the world. Also it is cold at the top. Hills are easier to climb because they are less steep. Also a mountain has a summit.

  8. Mission 1:
    A prefix is found at the beggining of a word.
    A suffix if found at the end of the word.

    1.Marine is a suffiex
    2.Comfortable is a suffix.
    3.Written is a suffix
    4.Caution is a prefix.
    5.Break is a prefix

    Mission 4:
    Mountains have snow on top because the higher you get on a mountain there is less Oxegon and its freezing up there. I think that fold mountains sometimes grow into islands. The difference between a mountain and a hill is that a mountains is more steep and has a very high summit whereas a hill only has a curb at the top.

  9. Literacy-Spelling Mission 1.
    We find Prefixes at the beginning of a word.I know this because the prefix of prefix is pre,which means before. Example:Pre-school means before school.
    A suffix is found at the end of a word.
    Maths Mission 2
    Ratio is when you compare 1 amount to the other.
    We use ratio when cooking.
    Rest done in homework book.
    Mission 3 Science.
    Fossils are the remains of a dead skeleton when the mold has gone.
    When a skeleton is under the earths surface the mold covers the empty parts,which have been washed away by little trickles of water.Then the rock and sand stuff come and wash away the mold then a fossil is made.Using a fossil you can tell a lot about that creature or human.You could tell what type of shape their body was and how much they ate per day.You can tell what they ate by their business which has been left.You could also tell a lot about their characteristics.
    You find fossils usually under the earth’s surface.
    Animal adaption is the trait that they took and how it changed they way of living if they were in a different place.An example is if a lion was wild and you put it in captivity it would probably be left with characteristics of how to live in captivity and the wild.You can also adapt characteristics from your parent but it does not usually show in life.
    They can live for longer periods because they obtain the water from the leaves and grass they eat.Their heart is more important because they need the blood to pump round their bodies especially their necks.
    Mission 4 Topic
    The reason mountains have snow on the tp is because it is so cold up on a mountain that frost and snow is created and they land on the top of a montain.Mountains are close to space that is why it is so cold and you can’t breath up on a mountain.You will need oxygen tanks.The difference between a hill and a mountain is that a hill is less steep and less dangerous and it is not so high however a mountain is the opposite of all these things.

    I think the cluedo answer is a …or…

  10. Some mountains have snow because the temperatures in that place is cold.
    A hill is different to a mountain because the hill is strong and there is no risks more so over a mountain is dangerous
    The weather can effect the high altitude in the place.

  11. A fossil is the remains of a creature
    Fossils are formed when the creature has been buried in mud.
    You can find fossils in caves, mud and dark places.
    An animals adaptation changes to the environment.
    Giraffes don’t need a lot of water because the leaves they eat contains water.
    Giraffes hearts is better because it’s very large then any other creature it’s more so easier because it’s can go up there neck because it long and easy

  12. Comfortable comfortableness
    Hope hopeless
    Clue clueless/clue do
    Home homeless
    Avoid avoiding
    Break breaking

    Ratio is when you compare as many amounts.
    We can use ratio in shopping,farming and in a recipe.

  13. Mission 1
    A prefix is letters added to the front of the word to change the definition.A suffix is a part of a word added at the end of the word to change the definition or word class.
    Mission 2
    Ratio is when you are comparing two amounts.
    You can apply your knowledge of ratio by finding out how many supporters are for one team, fruit,baking and so on.
    Mission 3
    Fossils are the remains of a plant or animal.
    Fossils are formed when the remains of a plant or animal is buried in mud.It then hardens into rock.Fossils can be found on cliffs and beaches because in the ocean there can be remains and they may be washed up on the shore.Animal adaptation is when a animal changes so it can fit with its environment.Giraffes are able to go for long periods of time without water because they obtain the water from the leaves they eat.Giraffes heart are special because they are bigger than ours, they can make sure the blood gets pumped around their long neck.
    Mission 4
    Mountains sometimes have snow on top because where the summit is, is really cold and can cause blizzards.The difference between a hill and mountain is that a hill is easier to climb, there is no risk of getting injured badly,It isn’t high and they are less steep.Mountains effect the climate because of the rapid changes in altitude .
    Bye, from Samira Ali

    • We use a prefix sometimes if we want to change a words meaning or its word class. A prefix is used at the start of a word.As I said before, it can sometimes change the meaning of the word or change its word class.For e.g, understood is when you understand some thing.but if we a prefix , it will change its meaning.This time we are going to use the prefix mis because it is the right
      prefix. Now our word is going to be misunderstood.


      Fossils are the preserved remains of animals or plants.They are made when the bones of a animal is buried in mud and then tiny pieces of rock called sediment forms a layer of rock over the remains.Then, the force from the rock pushes the layer of rock onto the bones.This leaves the shapes of the bones in the mud.But , this happens over a 100,000,000 years.Eventully , the bones rot away and the shpe of the animals body is filled with sedimate.

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