Mystery Challenges Two

Hi Year 6, yes its time for challenges two. Are you ready… here we go…

Mission 1

Look at the short story below and read it. I would like you to tell me the features and purpose of this story and who the audience is? Also what type of ending does it have? Think carefully, it is what we have been learning about this week.

A twig snapped somewhere across the icy street.  Hannah’s back stiffened.

“What was that?” She whispered to Ashley, her breath coming out in misty puffs.  Ashley’s pupils shrank down into specks.

“I don’t know.” She replied, her voice thin and wispy.

They both stood in utter silence for what felt like minutes.  Only one dim streetlight shown over the road, creating a small beam of light in the pitch black night.  The lightly falling snow was blown gently by the wind, and whistled through Ashley’s hair and froze her ears.  Chimes clashed restlessly together somewhere in the distance.

 Hannah reached for Ashley’s gloved hand, but she batted it away.

“Don’t be a wimp.” Ashley hissed.  Another twig snapped, louder and sounding closer this time.  Hannah whimpered.

Ashley’s eyes slowly shifted toward the streetlight.  A dark shadow darted behind it.  Ashley’s heart stopped.  She turned to face Hannah.

“We have to get out of here,” she said staring at her with a crazed look in her eye, “Now.”

She began to take a step away from the street, but Hannah put a hand out to stop her.

“We can’t,” She insisted.  Her breath was ice cold on Ashley’s face, “If we go, whoever it is out there is going to hear us.  And they’re going to follow us.”

 Ashley stared at Hannah with her big blue eyes.  The light behind them flickered and they both shot their heads around.  Within an instant, everything was utterly and completely black.

Mission 2

Look at the numbers below. Choose 2 numbers and add them together using the counting on method. Remember the smallest number in the left side of the number line and the largest number on the right side of the number line. Your counting on.  Can you make 5 different sums. Please show your working out in your homework book or a piece of paper. You have until Wednesday to show me.








Mission 3

1. What makes invertebrates different to vertebrates?

2. Name 2 invertebrates that live in the water?

3. What groups could we classify invertebrates in?


Mission 4

1. What are the symptoms of the Plague?

2. True or False: If you caught the Black Death today you would likely die from it.


3. When did the Black Death take place?

4. What did some people at the time think caused the disease?


Final Mission

Cluedo….. So lets play the game. Here is your clue for this week 6 White and 6 Red. I don’t want you to blog the answer. Please write the answer on a piece of paper and bring it to 6 White. By the window, are Two Boxes with 6 White and 6 Red written on them. Place your answer in the right box. I will choose one person from each class with the right answer. Good Luck


This is found on the wall. It is visual and you learn a lot from it. It is colourful and you look at it all day.

What is it?

So with no further to do, off you go Year 6

Have fun

Ms Janjua




13 thoughts on “Mystery Challenges Two

  1. The features of this text is short sentences and is builds tension.
    The purpose of this text is to scare and it also create suspence in the readers mind.The auidence of this text is teenagers.

    Mission 3:
    The difference between a vertebrate and invertebrate is that vertebrate is that an animal or any living thing has a spine.
    The two invertebrate that live in water is and tadepole and a crab
    The groups we could classify invertebrate by setting by which animal lives in water and the that doesn’t.

  2. The features of this story is short sentences,powerful adjectives,to inform and to create tension.the purpose of the text is to create mystery.The audience of the text would be aimed at teanagers because is to create mystery (to scare) At the ending of the story it don’t tell you what will happen next.
    Invertabrats are different to vertabrates because invertabrates don’t have a spine and vertabrates have a spine. (bone)The two invertabarats are squid and worm
    The symptoms of the plage are vomiting,coughing and others.
    IThe Black Death took place at 16 century.the fleas caused people to be ill not cats and dogs people thought it was them.

  3. The audience is teenagers because it’s about people going out in the pitch black.

    The purpose of the story is to scare people not to go out at night.

    The type of ending is a cliff hanger.

    Mission 3
    To be an interbret you need to live out of water and in water.

  4. The features of this story is short sentences and suspence and tension. The purpose of this story is to scare people. The audience is for teenagers.

    Invertebrates don’t have spines but also vertebrates do have spines.

    Invertebrates that live in water are starfish’s and lobsters.

    We could classify them as how much live in the sea.

    The symptoms that caused the plague was coughing, sneezing and vomiting blood. If you caught the plague you would die. The plague took place at 1340.People thought cats and dogs caused it.

  5. The features of this story is short sentences,descriptive language.
    The purpose of this story is to build tension.The audience I think
    it is aimed at teenagers.I think this is a cliffhanger.

    Invertebrates are different to vertebrates because invertebrates have no
    back bones and vertebrates however,do have back bones.The invertebrates that
    live in water are starfish and worm.

    The symptoms are headaches,bubonic,throwing up.FALSE.The Black Death took place in the Middle Ages.people thought the diesese was by the bad sins that they done.

  6. The purpose of this text is to create mystery.The features of this text are powerful adjectives, short sentences to create tension and descriptive language.I think the ending of this text is a cliffhanger because it does not tell you what is going to happen next.

    Invertebrates are different to vertebrates because vertebrates have a spine and an invertebrate does not have a spine.Two invertebrate that live in the water are octopus and squid.These are called molluscs.We can classify invertebrates as molluscs, arachnids,insects and annelids.

    The symptoms of the plague are vomiting blood,spots,buboes,fever,chills and flu.The black Death took place in the 16th century.If you caught the Black Death today you would not die because the cures nowadays fix you.When the Black Death was occuring, people thought that the dogs and cats caused it.

  7. The purpose of the text is to create mystery and to create a image in the readers head.the audience would be to young teenagers because it a scary story (mystery)

    I’m going to do the rest

  8. 1.Tadpole
    You could classify vertebrates as annelids,and molluscs.
    The symptoms of the plague are headaches boils and cold like

    . It is False. The plague took place in 1349 and 1600.
    They believed that cats and dogs were to blame.

  9. The features of this text are short sentences,rhetorical questions and suspence. The purpose of this is to show the reader suspence and tension. The audience are teenagers who like mystery.

    Invertebrates are different to vertebrates because

    vertebrates have a spin and Invertebrates dont.

  10. The purpose of the text is to create mystery.
    The features of this mystery story is it has powerful adjectives,short sentences to create tension,also it has descriptive language.Near the end their is a bit of figurative language.
    The difference between vertebrates and invertebrates are that vertebrates have a backbone but invertebrates don’t.
    2 invertebrates that live in water are squids and octopus’s.
    We could classify invertebrates by doing mollusks,annelids,arachnids and insects.
    The symptoms of the plague are vomiting blood,high temperature, and flu.FALSE because we have better medications for sicknesses.
    It took place around the 1300s.People thought cats and dogs caused it because they had fleas so most cats and dogs died.

    The clue is…

    Author:Plaiza Karan.

  11. The purpose of this story is to create tension because in this story the twig snapped is tension. the audience is teenagers because it is a mystery story. The end of the story they used figurative language.

    ivertabrates don’t have a backbone but vertabrates do such as human. The two vertabrates that live in water is starfish and worms. We could classify invertabrets into how many legs they have.

    The symtoms of a plague is a flu, headache, and chills.
    If you caught the black death today you would die.The black death took place in the 16 century. At that times they had thought that rats had caused the disiese.

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