Mysterious Pointy Finger

Who thinks they can guess what this mysterious pointy finger is doing on the wall in our classroom?

Use your imagination to think ABOVE and BEYOND the average idea!

Be adventurous and take a wild guess about the MEANING BEHIND this pointy finger!

How? What? Who? And why?



Please share a detailed response sharing your own ideas about this image.

Treats will be given for the most inspirational, adventurous and creative replies…

27 thoughts on “Mysterious Pointy Finger

  1. Oh WOW!!!! 4A what fabulous responses!
    I am so excited for you all to see this pointy finger tomorrow morning!
    Thank you for sharing such great ideas! I hope you’re all looking forward to an amazing art week, my mini artists!!

    Be sure to bring your creative minds and magical hands to create wonderful masterpieces!

  2. Art week is tomorrow! Some people need help in sketching to make outstanding pictures, so when looking at this helpful hand,all the techniques you are staring at go in your mind and an head start is laying in front of you.

    My thought is that this is a clay model of a hand made by an artist. Our teacher put it to make a masterpiece everyday.

    According to me Ms.Ahmed has placed it keeping in mind that pupil will get a little boost for a fabulous and picturesque creation.

  3. I think it a message that we are all going to be artists on Art week and we can make a masterpiece and also I think in Art week we can put our finger up to the sky.I think it means don’t touch other people when they said you are not allowed to because maybe they might get hurt or it can mean a piece of art which can be a display.It can also meaan look at this Art work that children did in Art week to make the teachers come in they say WOW! LOOK at this brilliant piece of Art year4 have done or because there was a blog about the handprint it can mean the next part of this mystery which was set up by someone who we don’t know yet but we will soon find out.And on Thursday I saw Miss Ahmed with a hand and she was glueing newspaper all around it so I think that it could mean that it is about Art week.I also think that the pointy finger means to share to gain to be fair to care about otheres when hurt to be a great team and always do teamwork when we can and can mean that help another when they are stuck with a question or ask the teacher to help someone or it can mean when somonei s being bullied or hurt tell a teacher for extra help just if you get builled and always be friends even though you don’t like the same things and stuff and always help someone new to the class because they don’t know anything about this school where to go when told to.

    I think it happened on Friday when eveybody went.I think that one teacher put it up because why would children answer this blog.I think somebody put it on with springs and the springs were attached to the hand which makes it 3D.I think it is at the bottom of the classroom.

    I think this was put on by Miss Ahmed because the blog was by Miss Ahmed so she knew it first otherwise another teacher would have put it on the blog and she was putting newspaper on the pointy finger which makes another clue or I think it could have been another teacher in Year 4 because it is in 4A so why would another person in Broad Heath put it on because it is our classroom and why would another teacher do it because they have got there own class to worry about and there own children and to make activities for the children to do which will make them learn and also play but it can be anyone and we don’t know for sure who it is but we have got clues and we can put them togther to find out who actully put the pointy finger up why.

  4. I think the finger is in my classroom because for art week.
    There is a message from the finger which is,don’t point at other people.Another thing why the finger was in my classroom because for display.I think my teacher chose a finger because to point at something.Maybe the finger means
    don’t be sad,be happy.

  5. I think the mysterious pointy finger represents never point at anyone because it is rude also I think it means to gain, be fair, always give your best and respect everyone.

  6. Brilliant responses, it is interesting to see that most of you think this is related to school behaviour. I really love all your ideas, but your ideas might change after I tell you this pointy finger might mean something bigger than our behaviour in our class and school.

    Come on 4A use your creative minds to create magic!

  7. i think the pointy hand is a piece of art that somebody drew.The person who drew the piece of art is our art week artist.The piece of art is on display by being stapled.

  8. 18.10.14
    I think the Mysterious Pointy Finger is a famous artist’s Drawing.I think it is pointing at the artist’s name.I think it is pointing at a country that is on the bottom of the earth.

  9. I think it tells you to not run and don’t be silly in the hallways be responsible for what you do because children run however like talk and also things you should not do there. It could be dangerous for us as children .

  10. I think it is pointing at some one to tell them to stop or stand up and sit down because that is what teachers do usurlly to other children . To get there attention .

  11. I think it is someone’s finger turned into art. The finger could be a piece of art or it is telling you to go where the finger is pointing. I think the teacher put the finger on some kind of display and they used a staple gun to put it on the wall.

  12. I think the pointy hand that is on our wall is that you have to respect each other and don’t shout out . I even think that the hand that you have to be helpful and kind to each other .

  13. Wow 4A, I love this 3D pointy finger, but I don’t know what it is or who it represents!, can you use your creative minds and give me some clues?

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