Natural Disasters

In project week this week, Year 6 are learning about natural disasters. Today we looked at what a tsunami is and how it affects the environment. We researched and found out some interesting facts which we would like to share with you. Please listen and comment.

17 thoughts on “Natural Disasters

  1. I really enjoyed make a movie about the tusnami however i really liked learning about the tusnami it was really fun and intresting. I learnt lots about tusnami. I lerant the tusnami is a really big erathquqe and thounds of people are dying.

  2. Hi miss Saunders

    I have learnt alot in project week about tsunami. I have learnt that tsunamis can be up till about three houses put together. Tsunami’s are a type of natural disaster because it can cause damage to property and can kill many people. Tsunami’s are caused when two tectonic plates collide this causes all the water to go to the epienter. The biggest tsunami was in Indonesia.I really enjoyed being part of this topic and it was very fun. I wold like to thanks miss Saunders and miss Sahin fo giving us the opportunity to learn about tsunami’s.I would also want to thanks miss Frankish.


  3. We also learnt about tsunamis and how they could affect wildlife, livelihood and people! We created an IMovie about tsunamis and a lot of fun learning about them.


  4. this week I learnt that tsunami was really danger that many people in Japan were injured and maybe death but if you survivor you are lucky because many lives has been lots.

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