Netball club

This term, netball club have practised many skills including passing, catching, defending as well as team work.

Each week, the children begin by practising the different passing techniques. What are the different passes called?

Next, the children play small games of netball following the strict rules of the game. What rules of netball have you learnt?

I would also like to know;

What have you enjoyed in netball club?

What skills have you improved?

What could make netball club better?




In the final week, we going to play a whole club game which we are very excited for!

What position do you hope to play; Goal shooter, Goal Attack, Goal Defense, Goal Keeper, Wing Attack, Wing Defense or Centre?



4 thoughts on “Netball club

  1. i have enjoyed being a team captian also i enjoied being a shooter.I have improved my throwing and shooting skills.It can bee better if we all play agaenist each other
    :)i love netball

    • I am glad you enjoyed the sessions!

      I agree with you. The whole team game we played on Friday was great and I will make sure to plan this earlier on for the spring term.

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