New Classes for September 2013

New Classes for September 2013

Please see below which class your child will be in as of September.

RA will go to Mr Harwood

RD will go to Mrs Raja Khan

RH will go to Mr Stevenson and Mrs Shergill


1H will go to Mr Carter

1RK will go to Miss Dewar


2C will go to Miss Jones

2D will go to Miss Smith


3J will go to Miss Tarn and Mrs Kiani

3S will go to Miss Redhead


4M will go to Miss Brown

4R will go to Mr McCabe


5A will go to Mrs Drew

5B will go to Miss Saunders

68 thoughts on “New Classes for September 2013

  1. I CANT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW BECAUSE WE ARE SPEND A DAY WITH OUR TECHERS AND TAS. I’m goanna miss, miss Brown she is so kind to me we’ll we are growing fast and years have to past by. But I don’t know how my sisters Alisha is goanna be because she don’t likes changes also she’s having another teacher.

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