New Science and Engineering Pod Building Progress

Week 6 Finished Build!

[tds_council]The Science Pod build has now been completed. You can scroll down through the blog to see the steps and progress made throughout the weeks! Below this window will be shots of the Pod outside and inside. [/tds_council]

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⬇️️ Previous Weeks Progress ⬇️️

Week 5 Building Progress

[tds_info]Over the half term there has been huge progress made on the pod building. The interior of the building was being worked on as was a new ramp for the entrance.[/tds_info]

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Week 3 Building Progress

[tds_info]This week they’ve been working on the interior and the roofing of the building[/tds_info]

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Week 2 Build Progress

Massive progress is being made this week. The building is being moved onto site!

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Week 1 Build Progress

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11 thoughts on “New Science and Engineering Pod Building Progress

  1. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO BE FINSIHED ITS AMAZING!!HEY THIS IS GONNA BE VERY EXITING FOR ME BECAUSE I LOVE DOING SIENCE!!But im gonna be very cold because its outside the school:( : :]

  2. i really want to see the inside and i wonder if we are going to go in the sience/engeneering pod building and wanna see what we are going to do inside there and there grass at the top so im confused at the same time but i can’t wait

  3. This is absolutely amazing!
    I just cannot believe having a science and engineering pod at Broad Heath.
    It is just as good to me as the swimming pool by the looks of it. Apart from that,I am really keen on actually going inside the pod.

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