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Hi 6 Red! 


Just a a quick reminder of the homework which myself and Mrs Janjua set. This is to watch one short news clip over the weekend (this can be on the television or even off YouTube) and comment on here with 5 features that you saw, which link to what we have been learning about in English. 


Top comments will also contain a brief summary about what the report was about and how the techniques you saw made the news report effective! 


REMINDER: please do have a lovely weekend too and we cannot wait to hear all about it on Monday! 😊

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  1. I whatched BBC news about this young footballer who was peter was a professional footballer I saw the BBC news acters were very confident and they didn’t speak fast you could hear there voices very well and the interviewee knew what she was going to say in a good way they didn’t stand and fidget they stood really coftably

  2. I watched Newsround on the CBBC website.The news was very good because they used these features:
    .A loud voice.
    .No noise in the background.
    .There faces and voice had expression.
    .They had eye contact with the camera.
    .They were confident as they spoke.

    I will try my best to use these features in class when we are doing verbal work.

  3. on bcc news they have a clear vioce and lots of question
    a background of the sence and showing the whole thing
    they introduced themself and the interviewee.
    their are fact about what happen.
    they show a 360 degree round and show all of the place

  4. I have wached bbc news in the report the person was very clear when talking it was great because the person in the video had great posture there was no distractions.
    They gave as much facts as they could they had eye contact with their audience they have used good vocabulary as well they gave evidence for everything they said.
    They focused on the camer also they had expression when talking.

  5. I watched BBC news and the first thing I saw was they were serious and they weren’t messing around or hiding and when it came to the speaking they were serious.The things five things I saw were…

    The interviewer was speaking clear to the interviewee so the interviewee understands what he is saying and the interviewee spoke clearly to.
    They cared for other people like what they had to show if someone was getting bullied they weren’t spiteful about it they were serious and cared for that person.
    It has a catchy headline to make the audience interested and watch to see what’s going on around the world.
    The videos that they show are true and not fake so people can help these people or countries with support.
    They had used good vocabulary instead of little baby words like hurt instead they used painful or harming.

  6. I watched a news report and have read one in the local magazine. I chose this report because the person in the video was very confident and there are many more reasons why they made the news even more better than it already was.

    reasons why it was great:
    1) The person in the video had a great posture.

    2) They were very confident when speaking and nothing seem to distract them and you could only here their voice speaking instead of someone else’s voice.

    3) They used loads of images to give evidence in the report so that the viewers at home can tell that what there presenting or telling us is real.

    4) They have loads of strong and powerful vocabulary and also some very good use of journalistic vocabulary like sources claim…
    and also they had loads of facts and statistics showing how may of the percentage of people in Las Vegas was killed or injured.

    5)The person speaking had loads of facts and opinions from other people and how they felt about this attack and how it has effected them as a person.

    6)In the news report online they had a bold,catchy heading which I think was to attract the reader to come ans find out what happened and why???.

    7)Last but not least they had a ton of expressions to express how they felt about what happened and they had tons of expressions when speaking which made their words clear and what they were going to speak.

  7. I was watching the news on Friday. Sorry I forgot the topic
    5 points
    Clear voice
    They were dressed smart and not scruffy
    They had eye contact with the camera
    They are confident speakers
    They had intedting facts
    I thought they were the best 5 points hey used in the news

  8. The news report was about sports.

    5 things that made the news report good were:-
    -talk loud
    -other people talking

  9. The Storm Nate is weakening but the threat of Alabama being flooded remains.
    These are the 5 points:
    1.When you see the title, you straight away know what is going on and what the news report is about.
    2.There are a couple of videos that you can watch to see how this is being dealt with and who are part of this.
    3.There are some facts to tell you how this has happened and what other stuff is happening in the news report.
    4.There are some diagrams so you can look at a photo and it says what has been going on in it.
    5.There are some subtitles in the news report to show you what each section is about.

    The Storm Nate is starting to weaken but there is a threat that a flood might occur in Alabama.A girl was saved in the Storm as The Storm Nate has approached Biloxi in Mississipi.Loads of people in Biloxi are in danger as over 300 people still live there and are staying in The Golden Nugget Hotel.

  10. I watched a interview when there was a new playground built in California. The features included a clear voice. Clear questions and good responses.The interviewer had to ask clear questions because to understand the interviewees point of view.They need a clear voice so that the audience and intervewee understand what there questions is or response.There needed to have a good response because the audience need to know information.

  11. i realised that they had :
    .clear voices
    .eye contact
    .they were confident
    .they were loud and clear
    in summary you should be confident and belive in what you say you should have a passion for it.

  12. Deadly earthquake hits Mexico:
    5 key points:
    . The news reporters had clear voices.
    . Also they gave as much facts as they can about the event.
    .They had eye contact with the audience.
    . There was a background of the event to show the destruction.
    . Also journalistic phrases about what happened.
    On September the 19th, a deadly earthquake hit mexico. A true fact was the earthquake hit 76 miles. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks hit everything. Donald Trump said ” God bless the people of Mexico city. We are with you and will be there for you.”

  13. The dangerous creature is discovered
    The News contained:
    *The 5w.
    Example: Where=Deep blue sea. When=Within this week. Why=To kill people and creatures. What=A blue spotted Octopus. Who=Octopus.
    *A catchy heading.
    The reader might think what is the creature?, where is it? ect.
    *Spoke clearly.
    The reader spoke clearly so the audience knows what they are saying.
    *True facts.
    The news had true facts because the audience need to know the real facts not the fake; also if scientist are watching this they need facts to discover about it.
    *Powerful vocabulary.
    The used powerful vocabulary because the want the reader to carry on watching it; it will be more interesting.

  14. A news report I have found is a car crash outside natural history museum
    In the news report people…
    .speak very clearly.
    .People speak loudly .
    .they had eye contact to the camera at all times.
    .they did not pause they carried on
    .really confident and brave

    Summary :this news report tells me about the serious accident outside the natural history museum .police are trying to find out more witnesses about this terrible car crash .Also nine people were taken to the hospital.

  15. This is the latest news report i could find…
    Car crash near Natural History Museum:
    5 points:
    .The videos that were on there was of some people, who had clear voices.
    .They had eye contact at all times never being distracted.
    .They had loud voices.
    .They didn’t pause all of the time.
    .They were confident speakers.
    This news report was about a car crash right outside the Natural History Museum.Explaining what happened, a woman named Ellie Mackay said “Suddenly i heard a lot of loud bangs” as she lives in an apartment right near the tube station. Interviews were taken explaining what had happened in the POV{point of view} Different answers were recorded.

  16. the 5 things i had noticed was that they had…
    -clear voice
    -had focus on the camra and they do not get distracted
    -they had expresion when they had spoke
    -they are confident when they speak
    -they used powerful vocabulary when they seak such as hurendus

    done by Lyba.

  17. Well done guys keep going… this will help you when you write your newspaper report. Think about the news reporters and the person that brings the news to us. Look at their posture and the delivery of the news. Its important to learn these skills.
    Thanks Miss Starkey.

  18. Las Vegas a serious incident

    Recently, a terrible incident had occurred in Las Vegas.
    During this time at night their was a music concert present.
    However, because of this crime many innocent people have died and as a result, the person(Steve Paddock)who has shot in Las Vegas has been imprisoned for the fact that fifty eight the majority of the people at the concert have died and more than 500 have been severely injured.

    • Wow this is terrible! How sad to think of the amount of people who were hurt at an event that should have been fun 😦 Well done for putting a description though Safa! 👍

  19. The five things that I saw or heard in the news were:
    There were many true facts to make the reader intrerested and makes you want to read more.
    There was a catchy heading to persuade the reader to listen to the news and give you more detail.
    There wa powerful vocabulary to make the reader interested and for them to wish that they would be there.
    There was words which were based on the news.
    Also there were facts which was true and to make the audience want to be there.
    From Hanna Khan

  20. The five things that I saw or heard in the news were:
    -There were true facts to make the reader interested and listen more.
    -A catchy heady to persuade the reader to listen to the news
    -There were powerful vocabulary to make the reader interested and for them to wish they were there.
    -There were words which were based on the news .
    -Also there were videos which were true to make the audience want to be there.

    The report was about a tidal bore in China.A tidal bore is where it send water to the other direction.Also it happens where the river meets and when the waves of the sea are strong and they push the water to the river current.

  21. The news introduced the main topic to us and also it used powerful vocabulary.
    Example: formal language because they don’t know who listens to this and also if that person is special.
    They have a background picture which shows what is happening, whilst the news reporter is talking and giving us facts and figures
    Example: How many people were there when this happened.

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