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Students at public schools in Boston, Massachusetts, will soon be looking at the world in a new way. Social studies teachers there will be using a new type of map that shows the world’s continents in slightly different sizes and positions than we usually see them.

Most of us use maps based on one created by Gerardus Mercator, in 1569. Mercator’s map was designed to help European sailors make their way across the oceans. The sea routes are correct, but some of the land areas–the countries and continents–shown on the map are not.

For example, on Mercator maps, South America and Europe appear to be about the same size. But in reality, South America is actually almost twice as big as Mercator drew it.

Also, Greenland and Africa look the same size on the Mercator map. But in reality, Africa is actually 14 times larger than Greenland.

Many people think that these mistakes make places in the northern half of the world–like Europe and North America–look more important than places in the southern hemisphere–like Africa and South America.

The schools in Boston say they want their students to have a more accurate view of the world. That’s why they are introducing new maps into their classrooms.

These new maps were designed in the 19th century by  James Gall, a Scottish mapmaker. They were published by a German historian, Arno Peters, in 1974.

The Gall-Peters map is not perfect. The shapes of some of the continents are a bit wrong, but their sizes and positions are more accurate. Boston schools will use both maps, so students can see the differences.

Making a flat map of the whole Earth–which is, of course, round–is very difficult. The best way to see the size and position of the continents is on a globe.

Can you think of a synonym for the following professions:
1. writer
2. artist
3. cook
4. shoe maker
5. mechanic


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  1. 1. Another word for writer is a pen writer as they write with a pen and novlist i think
    2.Another word for artist is a painter.
    3.Another word for cook is a chief and baker
    4. Another word for shoe maker is a repair man.(for shoes.)

  2. 1) A synonym for writer can be Author wordsmith and penman
    2)A synonym for artist can be originator creator and designer
    3)A synonym for cook can be baker and chef
    4)A synonym for shoemaker can be cobbler and bootmaker
    5)A synonym for mechanic can be technician engineer artificer repairman serviceman and greaser.

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