Next Week’s Learning- Year 5

Good morning Year 5!

There will be some small changes to the work being set next week and I wanted to explain why that is. 

As you know, we are all returning to school on 8th March (and we cannot wait to see you all!) We want to make sure you are ready for your return, so the work being posted next week shall reflect this. 

Each day you shall have 3 main blogs to complete. There will be a Basic Skills blog each day; these will focus on core skills linked to English that we want to sharpen up before you come back to class. Each day there will be a Maths blog; these blogs will focus on previous learning in Maths and will more than likely include Learning by Questions tasks. We want to make sure you can make strong, confident links with previous Maths units, like Number, Place Value, Multiplication for example, which will benefit you hugely when you get back to school. We are also setting some PHSE blogs, which will focus on the social and emotional needs linked to your return to school as we want to make sure you all feel happy, safe and ready to go when you return to Year 5.

Alongside these blogs, there will be a number of practical, creative activities for you to really express yourselves through. We also have World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, so expect lots of fun things to happen then!

As always, if you have any questions about anything please let us know.

Mr M

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    • I’ll let you know in a blog next week. Remember, you are back to school on the 8th March so keep an eye on the school website for all the information you will need.

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