NOH theatre mask making

Thirteen lucky children from 6 White took part in a mask making day at Howes Primary School this week. They learnt about the traditions of masks and mask making and then had a go themselves! Wonderful creations and wonderful ambassadors for Broad Heath!

17 thoughts on “NOH theatre mask making

  1. Your masks look amazing. I wish I came with you guys. It’s nice to know about different kind of masks around the world. I really like drawing but they looked very hard to do so well done.

  2. The people who went looked like they had a lot of fun making the masks 🎭. Hopefully we will get another opportunity for others to get to do the exciting work.

  3. I really enjoyed making the NOH masks. I also loved how first it was a wooden block then soon a brilliant NOH mask.

    Thank you for giving us a great trip.😄

  4. This was an extremely fun experience for me and my classmates. I really enjoyed making the masks and using the oil pastels to make the rough colouring underneath, before covering it with a dark brown over the top. After that, we scratched out some lines to make a pretty design, the light colours would show from beneath the dark colours.

  5. I enjoyed watching the videos of the kids who went on this amazing trip. The masks they made were very detailed and I would love to go on a trip like this myself.

  6. The mask making was really fun and I really enjoyed using the oil pastels and learning different techniques to use when we were making our Noh theatre masks. Everyone really enjoyed the part when we were colouring the masks and then we coloured the whole thing in black and after used different chisel to scrape out the details and underneath you could see the colours and make out the nice mask underneath.
    The people who went were certainly lucky as they got to do something new and inspiring.

  7. It seems that the people that went to the trip had an amazing time,looking at the photos you children were making it’s interesting to see you children taking part in fun activities.

  8. I and not just me, but the whole entire school is extremely lucky as Mrs Frankish, and Mrs Hurt, arrange such wonderful, and splendorous trips for us.

    I would just like to say…
    “THANK YOU!”

  9. We were certainly lucky to go and we developed our understanding on Japanese traditional mask making techniques and methods. BH was so lucky to afford 13 children to go and we were really pleased when we saw professional Noh theatre performers and mask makers.

    Making the masks was also really fun as we learnt new techniques to use oil pastels. I learnt that you can colour in a base layer and then go over in a darker colour and then scrape I your mask to make designs. It was a really fun day and I’m pretty sure all of us enjoyed our visit.


  10. I am really happy that i got to go it was really fun but all i want to Say is thank you so much mrs Frankish and mrs Hurt for this Oppitunity.

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