Class 3 Red Blog 17-18

Non-fiction texts

This unit in Year 3 we are learning about non-fiction texts.

1. Can you tell me any types of non-fiction texts?

2. What features did we learn about today?

3. Can you see any on the page below?


11 thoughts on “Non-fiction texts

  1. 1. A book for animals in Africa.
    2. The non-fiction texts give information to people, they all have captions and subheadings.
    3. Yes, I can: Lions, prides of lions and a picture of a group of lions hunting their prey.

  2. 1. Ancient Egyptian history

    2. We learnt about caption , diagram, title, contents page, index, glossary, sub-headings and headings.

    3. Yes,we found an extra feature “Map”

  3. We learnt about captions ✏️ And subheadings
    And diagram a diagram is a picture that tells you something
    A caption is a sentence

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