Not Now, Bernard

This week 1 Blue enjoyed reading “Not Now, Bernard”. As a class we acted out the story and made a video. We have used adjectives to describe the monster, and how Bernard felt at different points in the story. Next week we will be making our own monster puppets and writing stories about them. Mrs McCulloch and Mrs Hameed are looking forward to reading them. 

Parents, can you and your child think of any more stories about monsters? What happens in them?

3 thoughts on “Not Now, Bernard

  1. The Greedy Monster

    On a bright sunny day there was a boy called Kani who lived with his mum, dad and twin sisters Zoya and Maya. It was Maya and Zoya’s birthday party. Kani and his dad got ready to go to the shops to buy ingredients for the cake mum was going to bake. Mum was in the kitchen, and she could hear a noise coming from the garden. She went to see where the noise was coming from but couldn’t see anything. Kani and dad came back from shopping, and mum started to bake the cake. The cake had a lot of sweet toppings on top. Mum also made fruit jelly, sandwiches and much more.
    It was a nice sunny day so dad decided to put a tent up in the garden, along with a table and chairs.
    Mum laid the food on the table, and heard a knock at the door. The guests arrived and mum and dad welcomed them. The greedy monster came and ate all the food mum made for the party and ate Maya and Zoya’s birthday cake.
    When everyone came out to the garden, they saw that the monster had finished off all the food and cake.
    The monster’s tummy had blown up and he looked very full. The monster got scared at seeing so many people and ran away and never came back again.
    The children were sad because the greedy monster ate all the food that was for the party. Mum then came and said not to worry, I made an extra cake so we can all eat that, and we still have some snacks inside so we can still have a party, the children then got very happy.

    The end.

  2. ‘Don’t call me sweet’ Is the book I have read about a monster.

    He did not like being called sweet because he wanted to be a scary, slimy or stinky monster. But at the end when a ogre wants to eat him he wants to be called sweet again because he gets scared.

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