4 thoughts on “Not Now Bernard!

  1. Dad was banging away with the hammer, mum said not now Bernard, the monster is in the garden eating, mum said not now Bernard, dad hurt his leg, mum was not happy watching television, a plane flew over and mum said go to bed to the monster.

  2. First dad was hammering
    And then mum said’ not now bernard ‘ the monster was in the garden
    and gobble the bernard all up and then the monster said ROAR and mum said ‘not now bernard ‘after the monster eat dad’s leg,
    And called bernard is diner time said the mum the monster was watching television 📺 the monster broke one of the toys ! after he looked at the comic and after the mum said go to the bed and I will get your milk 🥛 and the monster said but I am a monster!!.

    • Dad was hammering the wall Bernard came dad said not now Bernard
      MuM was looking in the cupobs and mum said not now Bernard . Monster went up stairs to go bed but iym a monster 🙂🙃😀😃

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