Numeracy Day in 1Blue

1Blue LOVE Maths!
Numeracy Day has been a great success in 1Blue and the children were incredibly resilient and enjoyed taking part in so many activities.

Please take a look at our gallery of videos that were recorded throughout the day.

This afternoon, the children took part in: Measuring natural items using rulers, measuring and balancing scales using Numicon tiles, created lots of Maths Art using shapes. The GD children loved exploring parabolic curves! They also took part in counting in 2s, 5s and 10s whilst catching a ball. Finally, they enjoyed using Geoboards, creating lots of different shapes and patterns and they played the game, What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

In a sentence, tell me what you enjoyed learning or taking part in today. Give me a reason using ‘because’.
Looking forward to your responses!

9 thoughts on “Numeracy Day in 1Blue

  1. Evie enjoyed drawing the patterns and watching other people doing great skills aswell because Anu Is a good artist and I’m a good artist and had fun

  2. I’ve enjoyed watching your Numeracy Day videos BECAUSE it shows you have GAINED!
    I love all the skills you have used and the creativity it shows too.Well done 1Blue.

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