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Nursery Experiment with Colour

We started Science week off be experimenting with colour. We added some food colouring to lemonade then mixed it together in different ways to see what would happen.


We found that red and yellow makes orange, blue and yellow makes green and blue and red makes purple.


Then we got to drink the delicious potions!


If you want to try this at home you will need some red, yellow and blue food colouring and some lemonade.  I chose value sugar free lemonade as it has no colouring of its own to spoil the experiment.  Today we found that, when we mixed yellow and blue, we got green.  What do you think will happen if we mixed this green with red? Why not give it a try at home and let us know?

6 thoughts on “Nursery Experiment with Colour

  1. Delilah mixed red green but wanted to use green liquid and red ketchup and we got a light brown .don’t worry we didn’t taste it . and she mixed milk and ketchup and got pink

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