Nursery Home Learning 19.05.20

Good Morning Nursery

Today’s learning will be focussing on where minibeast like to live and the ‘qu’ sound in phonics. You will either be required to complete the work by sending a picture to the email address provided or by commenting on the blog.  Make sure you complete both of the tasks.

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We all miss your smiley faces, seeing you actively learn, our daily chats and most of all the fantastic things that you do that put a proud smile on our faces.

Remember we are still here to guide and support you so if you need any help or a friendly chat please post a comment and we will reply back.

Let’s start the day off with our morning exercise!

Understanding the World Activity

The activity for today will be developing an understanding of minibeast like to live. I would like you to go into your garden to look for some minibeasts. Where did you find them? Is that their home?

Ask a adult to read what is on the slideshow below to get a idea of where minibeast might like to live.

Draw a picture of a minibeast and its home.

Phonics Activity

The sound we are learning today is ‘qu’.

When we teach this sound in school we add an action.  Pretend your hand is a duck.

Practise writing the ‘qu’ sound using the phrase- ’round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair’.

How many things can you find or think of that start with the ‘qu’ sound?

Have fun. Any work you have done please send to the email address below with your child’s name and class on.

34 thoughts on “Nursery Home Learning 19.05.20

    • Good work Sanya. ‘qu’ is a difficult sound and these words and you have done very well finding these. Now have a go at writing this sound.

  1. Good afternoon.

    Noah has found this words with qu sound.


    I will send a picture of his drawing later.
    Thank you.

      • We sent a picture of Dominik’s picture and in the garden he found ; a spider web above the door, ladybird on the leaves and worms in the soil.

        • Thank you, I have received all the lovely pictures you send. Looks like Dominik had a fantastic time looking for minibeast homes. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for supporting him at home.

  2. Good Morning Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu
    I asked Haseeb what “Qu” words he could tell me and they were:
    – Queen
    – Quiet
    – Quiz
    – Question
    I will send in the rest of Haseeb’s work later on.

  3. Morning mrs shergill,
    Zakir practised writing his qu phonics sound and found these words that start with qu

    • Good morning Zakir. This is fantastic work, look at all the ‘qu’ words you have found! Don’t forget to do the minibeast activity too. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good morning
    Tala found more than 4 ants in our garden.
    I asked Tala where ants lived , and Tala said they are lived underground.
    she found words with Qu sound

    • Good morning Tala. Wow, you have been a very busy little girl today. You have discovered where ants like to live and you thought of some ‘qu’ word. Super work Tala!

    • Hello teachers
      Amina has found words from Qu sounds

      Amina found a lady bird on the leave in the garden she has drew a picture and colour I will email her work.

      • Good afternoon Amina. Well done, you was able to think of some good ‘qu’ words and you discovered where ladybugs like to live. Super!

  5. Morning

    Murtaza has done his excersice this morning along with his siblings.

    We have been out and he has found a spider and worm under a brick which made him scream!

    Murtaza has also drawn his spider which I have sent in.

    Words with qu that murtaza can think of is


    He did struggle a little as it is a difficult sound.

    • Good morning Murtaza, this is super that you have discovered some minibeast homes. Did you have fun exploring what was hiding your garden. Did Murtaza have a go practicing saying the ‘qu’ sound?. The words you have found are great and well done for having a go.

    • Morning teachers
      Emraan did all his activity I will send his pictures.
      He found these words that start with “qu” sound.

      • Good morning Emraan, this is great! You have done a amazing job to find some words that start with the ‘qu’ sound. Well done. Stay safe.

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