Nursery Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week 02.06.20

Welcome back Nursery! I hope you all had a lovely Half term and are refreshed for another term of fun and excitement!

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Welcome to ‘Entrepreneur Week’, during this week we will being learning about the entrepreneur William Hamley and what he is famously known for.

Here is your morning ‘SHAKE UP and WAKE UP’.

What is entrepreneur?

Who is William Hamley?

Lets take a trip to Hamleys- The Finest Toy Shop in the World!

Activity Time

To draw a picture of a toy you would like to see in William Hamleys toy shop. Parents can you please annotate which toy your child has chosen and why.

Take a picture of your child’s work and send to

35 thoughts on “Nursery Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week 02.06.20

    • Hello Haseeb, how are you? We all miss you too. I think a teddy would be a great toy to have in Hamleys as it is loved by everyone and you can cuddle it. Well done this was a great idea!

  1. Hi Mrs Shergill, Zakir has drawn a Gecko Mobile which he would like to see in William Hamleys toy shop. It’s one of his favourite toys that he likes to play with. the gecko mobile can turn invisible and has tracks to move around

    • Good evening Zakir, how are you? Wow! Your toy sounds really good, I think it will definitely be a good toy to have in Hamleys Toy Store. 😊

    • Good afternoon Sanya. How are you, lovely? That’s nice Sanya, I like teddy bears too. Looking forward to see your wonderful work. Have a good day. 😊

      • Hello Maryum, we all miss you too. I hope you are keeping yourself safe? Dolls and teddy bears are great ideas to have in a toy shop because everyone will play with them. Well done

    • Hello Iqra, I think this is a great reason for William Hamley to sell a teddy bear in his toy shop. Everyone can play with teddies. Great!

  2. Hello mrs shergill and mrs mattu
    Bilal misses you very much!!
    Bilal chose to draw a bubble gun and bubbles
    Because its his favourite and he loves bubbles and pop pop pop them
    I have sent you his drawing via email

    • Hello Bilal, did you have a lovely half term break? We miss you dearly too. Wow, a bubble gun! I love bubbles too. I think this a great addition for William Hamley to have in his shop. Well done.

  3. Good morning Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu.
    Emraan is very happy today because he got work to do at home.

    He choosed to drew a teddy bear,
    because he like to hug and sleep with it.

    I will send his drawing picture.

  4. Dominik chose to draw a purple bear because his favourite colour is purple and he loves his bears as they make him feel happy and are soft,cuddly.

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