Nursery Home learning- Entrepreneur Week 05.06.20

Good Morning Nursery

Welcome back to Entrepreneur Week. Today you will make a toy for Hamleys toy shop. You will either be required to complete the activity by sending a picture/video to the email address provided or by commenting on the blog. 

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Here is your morning ‘SHAKE UP and WAKE UP’.

Activity Time

Today your activity is to create a toy using old things found around the house or recycling junk.

Here are a few ideas you can use if you are stuck.

What will you use to make your toy with?

Which toy have you made?

Take a picture of your child’s work and send to

24 thoughts on “Nursery Home learning- Entrepreneur Week 05.06.20

  1. Hello Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu
    Max created a pencil case and car .
    To make it we used
    – empty bottle
    – glue
    – coloured paper
    – toilet paper roll

    • Hello Max. Wow, you have used lots of different things to make your pencil case and car. Can you you describe the car to me. What does it look like?

  2. Hello Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu
    The toy Bilal created is a dinosaur and he used cardboard, Paper cups and paper plate to make his dinosaur toy

  3. Good afternoon Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu
    Dominik created a wooden spoon toy with the following materials;
    Wooden spoon
    Tissue paper
    Felt tips
    I have emailed you the pictures

  4. Good Morning Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu,
    The toy Haseeb created was a CD hovercraft.
    To make it we used:
    – An old CD
    – A Fruitshoot bottle cap
    – And a Balloon
    When we made it Haseeb was scared of it as it kept moving around😂
    Haseeb says he is excited to see what his friends have made too.
    We already sent in his work

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