Nursery Homework Friday 18th June

Remember all homework needs to be uploaded by WEDNESDAY! Please read below to see which group your child is in and what their task is. The ‘click here’ link can be found at the bottom of this blog. Thank you!

Frog Group Homework:

Kuwar, Ayaad, Sukhman, Ruixi, Oliwia, Riya, Shreya, Fareha, Rumaysa, Abdullah, Rishaan.

Frogs Homework is to invent their own air transport! Draw a picture of your transport and then make a video telling us all about it! It could be a type of aeroplane, helicopter, balloon, anything you like!

Butterfly & Caterpillar Group Homework:

Yasmin, Yosiyas, Abdulkafi, Rimas, Kaiden, Reon, Sumaya, Hussein, Remi.

Oscar, Aaron, Amelia, Shamsa, Saliha, Iyla, Hatim, Mustafa.

Jowairya, Jonaton, Safiyyah, Shanum, Fathima, Elijah, Mohamed, Albert, Austin.

Hedy, Hadi, Ebrar, Amina, Faith, Dyari.

Butterfly’s and Caterpillar’s Homework is to make a video talking about their favourite form of air transport that we have learnt about this week. You can also draw a picture to show us!

Ladybird Group Homework

Makrokh, Adyan, Minsa, Isa, James, Amaal

Ladybird’s Homework is to design your own aeroplane and send us a picture of it!



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