Nursery Rhymes in Nursery!

Nursery have been working so hard this week to learn our new Nursery Rhyme, Incy Wincy Spider. Can you remember how it goes? tell your adult, can you show them what actions we have been using?

This half term we will be learning lots about nursery rhymes. What rhyme would you like to explore further?

6 thoughts on “Nursery Rhymes in Nursery!

  1. I would like to learn more about the nursery rhymes ba ba black sheep, wined the bobbin up and I would also like to learn about ring ring roses.

  2. I showed my mummy and daddy all the actions to ring a ring a roses and incy wincy spider.
    I would like to explore wind the bobbin up more.

  3. Nursery’s rhymes

    The nursery rhyme that I would like to learn more about it inskey winskey spider, ringer ringer roses and also wheels on the bus go round and round.

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