Nursery Super Home Learning Gallery – Summer 1 Week 3

Welcome to Nursery’s weekly showcase blog to show all of your wonderful work you have done at home! I have been very impressed with your fantastic work you all have been doing. Keep it up everyone, you are amazing!

Look at the amazing work they did on Monday 11th May.

Another amazing home learning day by Nursery superstars!
Look at their Brilliant work they did today Tuesday 12th May 2020.

Nursery’s Super Home Learning on Wednesday 13th May.

Look what Nursery superstars did today on Thursday the 14th May 2020!

Wow! Another super Home Learning day in Nursery on Friday the 15th May 2020!

10 thoughts on “Nursery Super Home Learning Gallery – Summer 1 Week 3

    • You are right Sulaiman, everyone is working super hard. It makes me feel so proud every time I make these videos. Great job everyone and keep up the wonderful work. Please keep sending in your work. 😊

  1. Wow, look at all of these great achievements! Well done Nursery! This is fantastic work! Give yourself a big pat on the back. I’m very proud of you! Keep it up!

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