Nursery Taking Advantage of the Weather.

When I got to school yesterday I was greeted with a magical wonderland, a dusting of frost over everything.

We took full advantage of this gift from nature and went and explored.  The children talked all about the sensations of the frost as they made marks on the different surfaces and found ice where water had pooled.  This led to some great discussions about where ice comes from and what happens when we hold it in our hands

Sadly the frost had gone by the afternoon but the children, being inventive and creative superstars, were fascinated to explore how our breath looks as it condensates when we breath out in the cold air.  We talked all about what we could see and how it felt when be breathed on our hands.

These experiences are incredibly valuable for developing our self confidence, speaking and listening abilities and our understanding of the world around us! 

They are also lots of fun!

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