3 thoughts on “Nursery- this is the way we wash our hands

  1. How to wash your hands?

    Firstly, you need to wash your hand with cold or hot water.This depends on the whether.
    Secondly you need to get some soup or hand wash that gets rid of the discusting germs on your hands.
    After that, you need to rub the fresh, clean soap or anti bacterial hand wash that means clean and fresh with no germs remember to rub the soap inbetween your finger and on each sides of your hand.
    Later, you need to wash your hands with clean water hot/ cold.

    by Moosa

  2. Washing hands

    This is how you was your hand, turn the tap of water on, must be warm. Then you get soap, washing each of the fingers on both hands, then you put your hand under the running water and scrub both hand for a minute. Then dry your hand with towel.

    The soap is white.

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