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Nursery’s Big Day Out

We had a fantastic day out today. The children were all superstars and the grown-ups were all very helpful helpers.

We also gave a thankyou card to the bus and train drivers.

The bus company put on an extra special bus just for us and they picked us up direct from the train station, cutting out out a big part of our walk.

The train driver waited patiently while all of the children got off of the train and were happy to wait while I checked to make sure no-one had been left behind.

Thank-you to all of the children, you were all fantastic. Thank-you to the grown-up helpers, without you we would not be able to have gone. It has been a pleasure to be a part of.

5 thoughts on “Nursery’s Big Day Out

  1. I went on a bus 🚌 and then a train 🚞 we gave to the man that drive the bus a poster that say bus and we gave the man who drive the tran a poster that say train while I was on the bus I saw a lot of people and saw a lot of cars and bus I got of the bus with my teacher (Mr Harwood) and went in side a big house with lots of people getting in the train as I waited for the train I leant from Mis Tiff that we should not go pass the yellow line or we will not be safe. The train came and we said hello to the train driver so I went inside the train and I sat down I looked out the view I finally got there and went to the field I was hungry so I ate my lunch I also learnt how to share with my friends πŸ‘¬. And I enjoyed it we finished eating our lunch and went on some equipment I went on the zip wire , swing, slide.

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