Nursery Blog 17-18

Nursery’s Newest Members

I hope you have all had a great break and I can't wait to see you all again.  This half term's theme is Living and Growing.  To help us learn about the living world we will have some special guests in Nursery.

Look at the cute caterpillars!

There are 5 tiny caterpillars.

How big do you think they will get?

What do you think they eat?

3 thoughts on “Nursery’s Newest Members

  1. Caterpillars eats leaves.arfa thinks then it get fat.and make beautifull butterfly.she is very exited to learn about caterpillars.

  2. Delilah says they will eat leaves and get get fat and they will make a cocoon and get out of it a beautifull butterfly.she aslo said she would name them juicy,wiggly,leafy,and mr hair bow .

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