33 thoughts on “Nurture Group-Artist week

    • I agree with you Ahsan. It was cool and fun. We now need to focus on capital letters and full stops, as it is one of the targets to make your written work even better.

    • Remember to put the capital letters and full stops in the correct places when typing too.
      My favourite fruit was the banana because it tasted nice.

    • I am really impressed that you have posted a comment on this blog especially as you were not in the Nurture Group when we did the tasting. I will make sure you are invited to our next tasting session.

    • Well done Shahjahan I am pleased that you have tried to spell some tricky words. I will now show you the correct spelling of pineapple, because and juicy.

    • Well done Anna. I liked the pineapple too, it was so juicy that it left my fingers feeling a bit sticky. A good try at spelling fruit, pineapple and could. We will keep on practising together and learn to spell them correctly.:)

  1. I love this video! The nurture groups looks amazing. What a great second week full of art activities AND Mrs Frankish joined in on the fun 😊 Keep it up superstars 🌟

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