Nurture Group Autumn 1 Week 5 2016-Being Great Sports

This week the children supported each other by showing their appreciation for each others skills. During our PE session the children followed instructions and some built upon their existing skills. I was really impressed with the way in which the children showed team spirit and encouraged each other. A great group of children that will achieve great things.
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What me go….or Watch me go….

13 thoughts on “Nurture Group Autumn 1 Week 5 2016-Being Great Sports

  1. We are really starting to see the Nurture group forming a team. We all work together to achieve success and when we do succeed, we all celebrate it. If we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything. Well done team.

  2. Pleased that all the children worked hard and gave 100% effort. Learning happens both in and outside the classroom and this is a good example of this.

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