Nurture Group Spring 1 week 3- Challenging changes

This week has been full of different challenges for the Nurture Group.  We have been given the responsibility of being in charge of the snacks.  We have been preparing and selling the snacks from the diner.

Please answer the following:

  1. How much does one drink cost?
  2. What is the total cost of  one banana and one apple?
  3. How much will three pieces of melon cost?
  4. What could you buy for 60p?
  5. What could you buy for £1.00?

We would like to congratulate Sharazat and Razvan for graduating this week.  Look out for their photographs next week.

20 thoughts on “Nurture Group Spring 1 week 3- Challenging changes

  1. 1) Drink cost 20 p. 2) Banana and apple cost 40 p. 3) Melon cost 20 p. 4) Drink melon apple . 5)Drink apple melon banana pineapple and plum.

  2. One drink cost 20p.
    One banana and apple cost 40p.
    Three melon cost 60p.
    You can buy three fruit or juice.
    You can buy 5 fruit or juice.
    I very like this video .

  3. 1. The drink cost 20p.
    2. The total of one banana and apple is 40p.
    3. Three piece of melons cost 60p.
    4. With 40p i could buy, 3 piece of melons.
    5. With £1 i could buy one banana and one apple, and three piece of melons

  4. Drink costs 20p
    Cost of one banana and Apple is 40p
    Cost of 3 water melons is 60p
    I could buy a drink, melon and an apple
    I could buy a drink, melon, Apple, banana and pineapple.

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