23 thoughts on “Nurture Group-The beginning

    • It is great to know that the way we are learning is making you happy. We need to focus on capital ‘I’ at the beginning of sentences.

    • It was great seeing you work with the others in your group. I particularly liked the way you shared the play dough with the other children.

  1. WOW! What a brilliant video, showing a range of children working together to achieve great skills.
    4Red think the class looks really colourful, creative and ‘cool’ we’re really impressed with Mrs Raja-Khan and Mrs John who are setting such fun activities for all these wonderful children!

    A message from Shahjahan and Rayyan.”Thank you for all your hard work and letting us have lots of fun whilst we are learning!”

  2. This group looks fantastic fun. Your room is looking good and the learning activities look great. Well done children and staff, super start!

  3. Wow Mrs Raja-Khan and Mrs John! The nurture group looks like so much fun. I am very pleased to see so many BH citizens enjoying a variety of activities. I will be keeping a close eye on the blog for more videos! I hope to read some responses from the children that partake in this cool group. 😎

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