Nurture Group week 4

imageimageDuring our Literacy this week, we have been describing characters and settings.  The photographs show Mr T.  He is our family tortoise.  I would like you to describe the tortoise.  Remember to write about what he looks like and what you think he might feel like.

If I am impressed with your descriptions I might even ask Mrs Frankish if he can come and visit the Nurture Group.image

31 thoughts on “Nurture Group week 4

    • I think you might be correct about him being ‘tickly’. Remember when I told the group about him moving so fast that we lost him in the garden for a short while!

  1. The tortoise is browny green and he got small legs. But he still looks cute. His back is hard and there is some interesting paterns on his back. He looks lovley,kind and cute.

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