Nurture Group-Week 5

The children in the Nurture group have shown that they are brilliant BH citizens.  The group have been sharing, supporting and learning throughout the whole of autumn 1.  We will be forwarding our learning in a different way next week when we cook for the whole school and take part in a ‘Farm to fork’ programme at Tesco.  We will be going on our trip to learn about where our food comes from on Friday morning from 9.00-12.00.

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19 thoughts on “Nurture Group-Week 5

  1. i am so exsited i cant whayt to go tesco and that cornflax is making me hun greeeeeeeee thank you mrs farankish and mrs raja-kan and mrs jon.

  2. I cant wait to go to the tesco
    Thank you Mrs Frankish and all the other teachers THANK you for letting the Nurture Room goooooo. 🙌🙌🙌

    • I agree, the children are all working very well. This trip as with all trips will help to widen our experiences and understanding of how the wider society works.
      Thank you Abdas

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