One Blue Brilliant Home Learning week 4

WOW 1 BLUE what super learning you have completed . Thank you to all the children who have completed their home learning.

We are so impressed with your videos . You all used your voices so well with confidence. I think you are all ready for year two In September .

We hope to see more super work from you tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you in our zoom meeting 9.30

well done to children who have already completed their learning.


7 thoughts on “One Blue Brilliant Home Learning week 4

    • Shumiyah have you sent any work today. I know you have commented on the blogs and have acknowledged that to you. Mrs.Patel is just checking to se if you uploaded any work. Thank you

      • Shumiyah I’ve just checked you have not sent ant work for English maths and Topic. Please see blog.
        You have commented on phonics and transition day for yesterday’s work.
        Can you please check too. Thank you.

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