One Blue: The book we all ate!

img_8504-jpg-cake-bookHere is the book that One Blue made on Thursday and ate on Friday!! It tasted delicious and it was all their own work !!

One Blue, don’t forget to ask your Mums and Dads to take you to the library this week. Please let Mrs McCulloch know via this blog if you find any books that are worth eating (or borrowing)!

6 thoughts on “One Blue: The book we all ate!

  1. I liked making the cake and it tasted nice.

    I got 2 library books, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Romping Monsters, Stomping Monster both books were fun.

  2. The cake was really yummy and the icing was so delicious.I am going to visit the library with my mum and I will find some cooking books.😀🌹🎃!

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