One White PSHE Lesson 26.1.22

Contribution to our school!

We thought about how other people help us at school.

Please watch the video and don’t forget to comment.

How do you contribute to school ?

Thank you for your lovely speaking and listening.


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  1. Help to other people because that is our school rules and I like to learn from the teacher is my favourite thing to do in school in Broadheath I love I wish I can be in the school forever.

  2. Amelia have contribute to school by coming to school everyday and not being late . she likes helping people when they are hurt and struggling with their work .

    • Thank you Amelia you are always ready to help others all the time. You help everyday by being a super books monitor and take them to your group ready for learning.

  3. 1White, each and every one of you help me by always making me smile and cheering me up! You are all so helpful around the classroom and nothing is ever too much trouble for you! THANK YOU!

  4. WOW I am so proud of you all for contributing to make this Blog for evidence. You all spoke so nicely with clear voices and you didn’t even need reminding to do this.
    Shayan Thank you for appreciating me and saying Mrs.Patel puts the blogs up for your learning.😀

  5. I have said this already but I was very impressed with the children today. They drew some amazing pictures, used their Phonic knowledge and helped Mrs Patel to create this blog.
    Just Blooming Brilliant!