One white Spelling Practice

Can you make a sentence for each of the words in your spelling list.The first eight to do so will win a prize from my treats box. Remember a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end.Your spelling list for week 3 is listed below:😀

Red,Orange group

Have, Went, Like, From, Boat, Coat, Soap, warm, Temperature, Humid

Yellow group

See, Tea, Tree, Me, She, Happy, Good, Warm, Temperature, Humid

Blue,Green Group

Week,  Street,  Stream,  Meat,  Meet Thursday, Friday, Warm, Temperature, Humid

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  1. Have-I have a pen.
    Went-I went to the park.
    Like-I like park.
    From-My house near from my school.
    Boat-I ride a boat.
    Coat-Iwear a beautiful coat.
    Soap-I want a soap.
    Warm-The milk is warm.
    Temperature-The temperature is high.
    Humid-It is very humid today.

  2. I am going to see my friend.
    I like to drink tea with my mum.
    I like to climb a tree.
    My sister makes me happy.
    She is going swimming.
    It is very warm today.
    I had a high temperature yesterday.
    It is very humid today.

  3. I have a red iPad.
    Last week we went to Dwarf Sports Athletics.
    I like bike racing.
    From Monday to Friday I go to school.
    When we went to Egypt we sailed on a big boat.
    When it’s cold outside I wear my coat.
    I use soap to wash my hands.
    It’s always warm in my room.
    When I have a temperature my parents give me medicine.
    I the summertime when it rains the weather is humid.

  4. 1. This week I go to my friend house.
    2. In the street I saw a Hollywood.
    3. When I go to a beach I saw a hot steam.
    4. my mum make meat balls to me my sister and brother.
    5. I meet a boy and I don’t now his name.
    6. At Thursday I go to a enormous park.
    7. in Friday I found a jelly all over the floor in my friend house.
    8. It was springtime and warm.
    9. Today is spring but is little bit of sunny.
    10. It was humid and I can’t go outside because it was very very hot.

  5. Week, Street, Stream, Meat, Meet, Thursday, Friday, Warm, Temperature, Humid

    1.This week I had hotdogs.
    2.The street is cold.
    3.The stream is warm.
    4.Lions eat meat.
    5.My nan meets my mum.
    6.It is spellings on Thursday.
    7.On Friday is stay and play.
    8.In summer its warm.
    9.On Tuesday the temperature is 14 degrees.
    10. Humid is a hot weather.

  6. 1. Last week I was so busy.
    2. I saw my friend on a street.
    3. In the park I saw a long stream.
    4. In shops there a lots of meat.
    5.I meet my friends at school.
    6. At Thursday we have spelling test in school.
    7.The boy goes to the park on Friday , only if it is sunny.
    8. It was a warm day when we were playing outside.
    9. The boy ,who was ill, had a temperature .
    10. The day was unsually hot and humid.

  7. 1.This week I will get 10/10 in my spellings.
    2.There are lots of houses on my street.
    3.There is a village by the stream.
    4.We are having meat for dinner.
    5.I will meet my friends at the weekend.
    6.Tommorow is Thursday.
    7.We have play and stay on Friday.
    8.It was warm today.
    9.I have a high temperature.
    10.In the rainforest the temperature is humid.

  8. This week I went to the cinema.
    The Street has houses and trees.
    The water flows down the stream.
    I like eating meat.
    I am going to meet my friend in the cinema.
    I like Thursday because my mum picks me up from school.
    I like Friday because I do fun things at school.
    It was warm today.
    I had a high temperature when I was poorly.
    It is humid outside.

  9. see]. see a bird.
    Tea like the tea.
    Tree].a cat was stuck.
    Me] me and my brother play together.
    Happy] How happy you are.
    Good] How good you are.
    warm] How warm you are.
    Temperature] you have a temperature you have.
    Blue] you sit on blue table.

  10. Week- Last week, I went out for dinner.
    Street- I walk down the street everyday.
    Stream- The stream was flowing gently.
    Meat – My mum made a meat curry.
    Meet- I am going to meet my friend at the park.
    Thursday – On Thursday, I got 10/10 for my spellings test.
    Friday – On Friday, I went to a party.
    Warm – It was a warm day today.
    Temperature- The temperature was low today.
    Humid – It was humid during the night.
    By Shivani Puri

  11. See:I see a bird.
    Tea:I like the tea.
    Tree:A cat was stuck on a tree.
    ME: Me and my brother play together.
    She:she is a good girl.
    Happy:we are happy.
    Good:I have many good friends.
    warm:I put on warm clothes in winters.
    Temperature:It’s very cold temperature today.
    Humid:I don’t like humid weather.

    • This week is good.I went to a new street. The stream is wave y.I like fried meat.I went to meet my friend.Today today is thursday. Now it is is warm.the temperature is20degrees.Itis humid.

  12. 1- I walked on the street with my dad and brother.
    2-I saw a stream in the park.
    3-I ate meat in my house it is so delicious that I love it.
    4-I want to meet my friends at the Local Library.
    5-I had an ice cream on Thursday and it was so delicious.
    6-On Friday I had Stay and Play and it was so much fun.
    7-On Sunday the temperature was cold but tomorrow it was warm.
    8-I was so humid that somebody hated me.
    9-At the week I was hanging with my friend.

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