Orange Group English

“N-no you musn’t Jack!” warned Rose. “There might be witches… or goblins… or anything down there! And we have to be back by lunchtime! Mum said!”

Jack scurried down the dark, murky tunnel. Rose was so frightened of the tunnel so she waited for him to come out again. She waited and she waited. Minutes passed. What seemed like hours passed! What could she do? As Rose waited for her irritating brother, she gradually began to feel very alone. She could hear very peculiar sounds coming from the pitch black tunnel. Was that a wolf howling? Or was it just the wind? She made a decision. She had to follow him!

She crouched down on all fours. The sharp stones dug into her soft skin and she began to smell a foul stench. Bravely she gritted her teeth and edged into the cool, slimy passage way. “Jack! Are you there?” she called with a shaky voice. When there was no response, she started crawling through the mysterious gloomy tunnel as quickly as she possibly could. She had no choice. She had to find Jack!


Orange Group- Your challenge is to improve this text using a variety of adverbs of time. Think which adverbials will be the most appropriate choices. Use your word bank to help you!

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