Our 1st day at school – 1st person autobiographical monologues

On Wednesday, 6 Red developed their 1st day at school autobiographical accounts. The children demonstrated some fantastic speaking and listening skills and worked hard to edit and improve their work.

6 Red, listen to the selection below and answer these questions:

Which autobiographical features have been used?

How have you made progress this week?



  1. The features of a autobiographical monologues are:
    First person
    Informal language
    Detailed description
    Past tense
    Thoughts and feelings
    Emotive language.

  2. Autobiography features include:
    Informal language:Makes the reader feel like talking face to face.
    Past tense:Went,was,saw
    Written in first person:I,we
    Detailed descriptions:Powerful adjectives used to describe something or a place
    Emotive language:Feelings to describe someone.

    This week I have made progress by learning and knowing the key features of a autobiography and how they are used during writing an autobiography.Also I have made progress by writing an autobiography about “My first day of School” and the trip of Dovedale using the features above.Another thing I have made progress on is comparing two autobiographies and explaining which one is better and why.

  3. Autobiography features
    Informal language
    Past tense
    Time language and dates
    Complex Sentences
    Emotive language
    Memories of the writer.

    We have made progress this week because at first,we were not sure what features an autobiography had however now we know lots of features that are above.

    Well done,you did a great job!

  4. It was written in the first person
    A bit of informal language used
    You included detailed description
    It was written in the past tense
    And it includes thoughts and feelings of the writer
    Well done

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