Our amazing week- 21.09.2020

What another fabulous week! You have worked so hard this week and have brightened up the cloudy skies with your smiles and excitement to learn! Let’s look at our amazing week…

In English, we looked at ‘The Alien School’, we sequenced the story, role played the story and re-told the story this week. You did such a fabulous job, let’s check out the Hollywood stars….

In Science, we are continuing to work on learning about our senses, this week we focused on the sense of smell. We did an experiment to smell 4 different hidden boxes and guess what was in there. We opened up the boxes to see if we were right!

In maths, we have continued working on place value and looked at one more and one less. Here is a snapshot of the fun we’ve been having!

We had such fun on Friday, doing our well-being day, please check out the blog on the website to see all the fun we had!

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