Our Biodome clear up!

Thank you to all of the ECO Warriors who helped make our biodome a tidier and usable area (a special thank you to Mrs Beniston too)! We were so excited to make sure that all the weeds were cleared and that the soil trays are ready for the school to use. It made the children more aware of healthy soil and the children learnt how an irrigation system works! We are excited to see our ECO Warriors grow in their efforts to become green-fingered – well done to you all!

Mrs Carter 👍

Thank you Mrs Beniston!
Working hard!
The irrigation system needs water to keep the soil moist.
The ECO Warriors’ plot!


  1. Superb job everyone , teachers and pupils. Can’t wait to see it being used. Martyn will sort the panels out after that naughty wind called Ciara,damaged it!

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