Our Evacuation Letters.

The Brilliant table have created a video to share some of their ideas about the evacuations during World War II. They were role playing children from to war time and pretending to write a letter to their parents explaining their new lives as evacuees.



What reasons might the children have for being happy about being evacuated?

What reasons might the children have for being sad about being evacuated?

How would you feel if you had to be evacuated to the countryside?

2 thoughts on “Our Evacuation Letters.

  1. Loved the use of the Green room. If I had been evacuated I would feel very anxious because everything would be new to me, friends, buildings, surroundings! I would hopefully make new friends and therefore I would end up a little more positive than I was initially!

  2. The boy was happy because his teacher smells like cows.
    They were evacuated from there mum and dad.
    If i was there i would feel miserable because i believe in my family and i miss them.
    I would make new friends and go on holidays with them.

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