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Our Chair of Governors is a man called Abdul Khan. We are standing by a monument that reflects some of his international work that he does for Coventry people. Can anyone tell me the sort of work that a councillor does ? How do councillors differ from an MPs?

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  1. 3 Red have discussed this as a class. We spoke about how a Councillor is someone who represents our city. They are voted in by the people in that community.
    Joshua says a Councillor is the voice of the community. Whereas a MP goes to parliament meetings and helps make big decision for the country.
    MG says a Councillor is someone who helps out with finances and they help build new interesting things, like the new water fountains in the city centre.
    Zahra added how a Councillors’ responsibility is to keep our community clean and safe.

  2. Councillors are elected to the local council to represent their own local community, so they must either live or work in the area. … representing the ward for which they are elected. decision-making – developing and reviewing council policy. scrutinising decisions taken by the councillors on the executive or cabinet.ow do councillors differ from an MPs?

  3. Some thoughts from 4 White:
    Zahra: Makes sure if anything is wrong, if there is a problem with crime they look for help.
    Mohammed W:They talk about improving the city and how they can make it better.
    Karambir: They are like a Prime Minister but for out city.
    Tipian: They help out with essentials like food and water for those who don’t have enough.
    Hudayifah: They have meetings with other Coventry organisations.

  4. 3 White discussed MPs and Councillors. They are similar because they are voted for by the people so they are elected. An MP helps with big problems and represents their area in parliament. An MP can help with big issues but smaller issues that relate to the local area a councillor can help with. A councillor can help with day to day issues in a school but an MP can help a school with bigger problems such as schools that might close down.

  5. A councillor helps people within a city who may have a problem. It is important that they lift people up. A councillor might protect the environment by creating initiatives to help. An MP works in the house of paliament (more specifically, the house of commons) whereas a councillor works in a city to change thing for that city only.
    – 4 Blue

  6. 3 Blue have discussed the job role of both a councillor and a MP.
    A councillor is elected by the local community to represent them and help run the local council. They make important decisions for their local area.
    A MP (Member of parliament) works in parliament and their local constituency. MPs work for central government.

    A councillor helps local organisations, groups and businesses in their area. They will listen to the views of local people and represent them during meetings with the council.

  7. The role of a councillor is to represent their views at council meetings, and to also represent their area or division for the people who live in it.

  8. The sort of work a councillor does is represent their ward or division and the people who live in it.A councillor differs from a MP by the fact that MPS
    go to political parties and the councils don’t.

  9. Clients could have issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loss and relationship difficulties that are affecting their ability to manage life.

  10. A council is someone bigger than the head and has standards for the school.Mps make big decisions in the House of Parliament whereas a council makes decisions in small groups about school.

  11. Can anyone tell me the sort of work that a councillor does ?
    A councillor makes the school a bettter place and they take other peoples suggestions into their hands.
    How do councillors differ from an MPs?
    They differ from MP’s because MP’s are members of parliament where as councillors are a member of the school.

  12. 1. A councillor makes communities better and help people’s well-being.
    2. MPs are part of labour and different parties whilst councillors aren’t.

  13. Councillors work with clients experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their wellbeing.

  14. The sort of work that a councillor does is they decide something and try and make a place a better place. Whereas the difference from a MP and a councillor is a MP makes decisions about a country.

  15. The sort of work that councillors do is protect the town or city. Councillors differ from MPs ; MPs work in Parliament whereas councillors work for the city or town

  16. 1. Councillors are people that have the duty of speaking people in need who are struggling in life with multiple different scenarios. 2. Councillors are different to MPs because MPs act in rational interest and are part of a political party.

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